Saturday, 22 August 2009

Take a look at this!

Have to post this right now as soon as I've received the images because they are so so beautiful and amazing!
Not only does this look like THE coolest wedding but the photos capture the style and spirit perfectly.
I know one thing for sure. When I get married I want a wedding and photographer like this!
Get comfortable and take a look (ahhh sigh...)

These bridesmaid dresses are so unique...

Inventive bridesmaids' gifts...

Proof you can have a classy cake...

Simple but very effective table design...

If this were me I'd be framing this shot and putting it on my wall!

Ahh, almost makes me well up just looking at them!
Well I have gushed enough here! See here for more photos and details of the wedding.
Thank you so much to Christine for letting me post these up and congratulations to Kristi and Anthony for having one of the most inspiring weddings.

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