Monday, 29 November 2010

A few of my favourite things

Welcome to a brand new week people. I hope your weekend was relaxing and fun. I've had a relatively quiet one which was definitely needed!

Here's my Monday Medley of things I've found interesting and/ or pretty...


this article in The Guardian by journalist and bride to be Jude Rogers about bridezillas and the royal wedding. Is an interesting read and gives Rock n Roll Bride a mention. Let me know what you think.

the dress

I think I'd go so far as to say this is one of the finest wedding dresses I have ever seen. It's irridescent, sparkly, floaty and just damn gorgeous.

click on the images to see more

wedding hair inspiration

I've got a bit of a thing for plaits although now I have a fringe they don't look so good. They're perfect wedding hair however, unfussy yet keep crazy wayward hair like mine in check so they're perfect for brides that don't want to worry about their hair all day long.

These styles are fairly mental - I'd love to see a bride wear her hair like this...

or like this, although you might have to use fake flowers as real ones might look a bit wilted by the evening...

Who says your wedding hair style has to be predictable eh?

cheap and cosy lighting

This time last year I blogged about this rather awesome fairy lights in bottle idea. I love cheap and inventive ideas like this. Must get round to trying to make these this year.

interior design

Oh how I would love a bookcase like this...

xmas card

And finally, I'm not really a sending cards kind of gal but if I was, I would send this little bad boy out.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!!

Happy Friday people! This week, for no particular reason I have decided to do a rather French orientated playlist. French as in some of the artists are French but sing in English, one's from Belgium and sings in French, another is Canadian and sings in French.

So, not truly French per se but jolly good songs nonetheless I think.

There's something insanely delicious about the French accent. If I spoke French I would talk even more than I do now, just so I could hear myself.

Check out my other playlists here.

Anyways I hope you have a lovely weekend, are you doing anything exciting on this last weekend in November?

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sparkly things... honour of the fact it's nearly ish my birthday, it's Friday tomorrow, I'm feeling Christmassy AND it is Anna's (of the ring fame) wedding this weekend. Yippee!

If I was having a winter wedding I'd want it to look (and be) totally, shamefully decadent. Glitter and sparkles would rejoice...

Oooh makes me want to run out and buy a head to toe sparkly outfit. How do you feel about in-your-face sparkles?

And have a super shiny weekend my lovelies!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

When is the 'right time' to have babies?

Apologies here for the somewhat dramatic nature of this post. I felt it was a suitable way to jump start my Tuesday!

Weddings and babies seem to go hand in hand. Probably because for many people having children is the next logical step after getting married.

Like many late twenty somethings, (yes okay, I'm 30 at the end of next year) I have pondered this question of the 'right' time to have bambinos. I love children and definitely want them. When, I'm not quite sure, and being recently single it doesn't exactly look likely for a while ;)

And there's so many questions surrounding having children.

How will I know if I'm going to be a good mum? How will I balance running my own business and raising a family? Will I still exist after I give birth or will I forever be know as mum?

And how long am I allowed to live without thinking about it? Will I turn into one of those, oh I so hate the word, desperate women, who feels like she's running out of time.

Urgh. What horrible thoughts!

It's a sad fact about womanhood that we can't physically have babies forever and because of that truth, will definitely look at our lives and wonder when we should have children, when the right time will be, and whether we'll even be able to. Yes. I am jealous of men in this regard. Charlie Chaplin anyone?

And it seems you're not even off the hook if you're married. I have a few married, so far childless friends who are always been asked when they're going to pop out a couple of sprogs. Questions which they feel defensive and slightly p***ed off about.

I think my point is that getting older and thinking about babies is hard. At 18, 21, 24 I thought about it, but in an abstract way. As I approach the big three-oh it's on my mind a bit more. I'm quite envious of my friends that know they don't want children. How lovely it must be to be sure. You can plan your future much easier in that regard.

Even me with my planning skills can't know the future. I might steal Jolie's crown as international adopter of a beautiful rainbow of children, I might have just one of my own or I might never have children. Whatever ends up happening, I'll get on with things and make the best of the cards I've been dealt. As that's all any of us can do really, and I guess that's part of the wonder and beauty of life.

What are your thoughts then on the whole 'baby thing'?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday Medley - Wedding inspiration from the world wide web

What's been catching my eye over the past few days...

Oh and I'm not referencing the Royal wedding here because a) I doubt it will be the kind of wedding me or my clients take much inspiration from and b) I'm much more into 'real' couples weddings. Having said that they are a couple in love and getting married so I'm happy for them in that regard.

Anyway onto some pretties...

I found this over at erin ever after a blog I have followed for ages because of her incredible ability to post things I want/love/desire etc.

So the flower is pretty but it's the swept under plaits I like best. I seem to have a bit of a thing for plaits lately, but I don't think this would be that easy to create myself at home.

This purple ruffle skirt by one of the best Etsy shops Ouma is to-die-for. I'd love to see a bride or bridesmaid wearing something like this.

I came across this on one of my Etsy trawls and thought it would be quite sweet for a winter wedding. Maybe lighting up a dark space or outside. The patterns it would throw would be quite romantic to gaze out I imagine.

I like this sentiment rather a lot. I've been thinking about what my next little tattoo will be and I quite like the idea of some text.

I found this over at Everything Fabulous and it's got me thinking about masquerade balls and how cool it would be to have a masquerade wedding. You could get all your guests to wear masks and it would be a quirky twist on a formal wedding.

This Rock n Roll Bride is wearing a vintage inspired Topshop dress as her wedding dress. Much as I see why brides want to feel special and wear something expensive and 'bridal', I also think there's nothing better than brides doing things their own way and I would certainly feel special in a dress like this.

So these have put me in quite a good mood on this chilly Monday morning. Hope you have a good day my lovelies!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!!

I'm writing this week's mixtape master post whilst squinting at the computer as I have a rather killer migraine today. But, no rest for the wicked and all. So on to the point behind this mix. New music. All these tracks are by artists that are relatively new 'on the scene', or are at least new to me. I liked doing this, I think I'm going to do a new music mix next week too.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Pops of colour

There's a lot of spectacular weddings full of vibrant colour circulating blog land at the moment. I really like this 'trend' and hope we see more of it.

Think bright, bold colours. Used in whatever way suits the couple and whether full on or just pops of colour, I think, and hope we see more of this because quite frankly, it's just so much fun.

Oh and all these images are from real weddings, just click on the photo to see more.

What do you think? Do you like colourful weddings and would you use it sparingly or go for it?!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Medley - Wedding inspiration from the world wide web

Here follows some pretties you may or may not have come across... perfect to look at with coffee and doughnuts this Monday AM I think.

This bride's dress and accessories are vintage divine. And look so pretty with the wildflower bouquet. If you read the full post on Hi Fi Weddings you can see the music they played at their day too.

And for a totally different style bouquet, check out this explosion of colour..

I seem to be having a bouquet day as I can't take my eyes of this beauty either. Found via the always pretty, it's the colours that do it for me.

These may be some of the finest wedding shoes I've seen in a while. I mean, check out those ruffles! In fact the whole wedding is the epitome of style.

A super cute pic of Kat of Rock n Roll Bride fame shot by the never-gets-it-wrong Emma Case.

This day looks like muchos muchos fun. So much so that I had to post 3 photos.

And this is amusing is it not?!

Well I don't know about you but I had a pretty mental weekend, meeting long lost cousins amongst other exciting but exhausting things, so now I'm looking forward to a fresh new week. I'm meeting a few of my lovely brides, meeting some new suppliers and getting started on one of my new ventures.

And in other news... the wondrous Anna is to be a wife in a mere 12 days. Like many of you I have always looked forward to Anna's intelligent and interesting spin on wedding and un-wedding related things and hope she won't stop writing once she's married. I am super duper excited to catch up this week for a gossip, and hoping Liv (aka Blushless) and Charley (aka London Bride) might be free for wine and chats also ;)

So what's getting you excited for this week?


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