Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I heart accessories from Accessorize

This cute necklace is only £8 and would be a nice subtle way to include a butterfly theme. Or is just pretty regardless of a theme!

I'm not usually a big fan of Accessorize, preferring unique boutiques and independent designers. But these are all rather wonderful and I just had to bring them to your attention.

These peacock feather earings would look fab with an updo and sexy slinky backless dress.

I'm a bit magpie like when it comes to shiny pretty things and oh how I squealed with glee at this clutch bag. I want one now! And it's only £45. Perfect for a colourful bride or present for bridesmaids.

Erin Ever After

This is such a sweet and simple and really works. I love ideas that are effective, affordable and easy to implement and this is definitely one of those. It's very original, creative and romantic - as you can tell I like it a lot!

This comes from Erin Ever After a fabulous art/design blogger who also chronicled her journey to marriagedom.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pink Doc Martens under wedding dress

So I recently bought myself some patent pink DMs from the brand spanking new(ish) store in Spitalfields and I love love love them.

It got me thinking how cool they would be as alternative wedding shoes. Okay so they're not graceful so you might not want to wear them down the aisle and your mum might not like them but....come the evening who wouldn't want to wear these babies on the dancefloor? I'm sure they'll be many people unconvinced so I'm going to do a little fashion shoot soon and prove it!

New wedding band/dj agency exclusively for Savoir!!

Why are wedding bands and DJs so expensive eh? We worked in music before we got into wedding planning and let me tell you all musicians seem to add a few noughts onto their fee when it comes to playing at weddings.

In addition to their absurd fees they're often not very good. For a wedding we were guests at the DJ didn't realise his cross fader was in the middle meaning the couple's first dance was to Stayin Alive and Boyzone's Baby Can I Hold You Tonight, which was interesting to say the least.

So to aid and assist you and to ensure you're not ripped off in your quest for musical talent for your day, we have set up an agency. This essentially means we select the best artists from across the musical spectrum for you to choose from. It's in the early stages but hopefully in the not too distant future you'll be able to scroll through lists of artists to find one that you like that you might not have even heard of before but will be perfect for your wedding.

Cosmopolitan Bride

Now I have to say most months I buy loads of wedding magazines and pour over searching for cool, quirky ideas for brides. And most months I'm disappointed. Sure the weddings they feature are beautiful and elegant but I rarely find the tips and ideas inspiring.

However I quite like the Oct/Nov issue of Cosmo Bride. It's not particularly edgy but it does have some cool stuff in there.

From the dramatic and different wedding dress to the feature on the Sri Lankan colonial tea party wedding there seems to be a bit more focus on doing things differently. There's even an article telling brides when in comes to their wedding to throw out the rulebook.

Hallelujah. What we've been encouraging for a while now. Maybe the tide is turning and people are realising more and more brides want to do things differently. Cosmo Bride I salute you!

Monday, 28 September 2009

cost cutting centrepiece idea

I'm not sure how I feel about centrepieces. Whilst they can be beautiful and I also think they cause couples quite a bit of grief (and expense) trying to pick the right ones.

So I like the nice cheap and effective idea of using wine bottles. Now this image from Martha Stewart Weddings uses the wine bottle as table numbers but I see no reason why they can't serve as centrepieces. You could be more creative with the label if you wanted and pair up with tea lights around the base of each bottle for a lovely warm glow if you wanted to make more of it. And you can allow guests to drink the wine in the bottle making for a centrepiece guests will actually get use out of!


I have been away from the blogging world for far too long due to weddings and reptitive strain injury from sitting in the wrong position at the computer! But now I am back and blogging about Blushless wedding dresses.

I met Liv of Blushless when I went to see her work as part of London Fashion Week. We discussed how hard it is for brides to find suppliers that do things a little differently. The wedding dress is one of the best ways for the bride to truly show her uniqueness and therefore one of the hardest decisions to make.

I love this one, it would be perfect for an elegant, vintage inspired wedding. The sheer lace and fact it's pretty short for a traditional wedding dress adds a little bit of naughtiness.

Lundelius took the David Lynch Roadmovie/Lovestory "Wild At Heart“ as an Inspiration
for the launch collection.

''I fell in love with this amazing leather bra, Lula is wearing in many scenes .And i like the story. And i like all the weird characters...I believe in a happy ending, but in between, this whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.

But love matters. It makes the difference.“

So with this in mind, it gave her the perfect inspiration.

She says, "Weddings are about happy endings, and being wild at heart, and for the girl who is wild at heartand weird on top, a wedding dress should be anything but boring…."

Blushless uses vegan leather of the softest touch, combined with finest fairtrade silks.Innovative microfibre textiles get a special finish through extraordinary hand-stitching- old technique, new materials. Ripped Tulle combined with a leather belt…

Sheer gowns…and everything looks a little bit off.

Every piece is different but they all have a connection. They are all different characters but out of one story.

Wild at Heart, and Weird on top.

This is my favourite, a wedding dress made of hearts. Edgy, sexy, different, unique wedding dresses. Perfect.

Monday, 14 September 2009

multi coloured wedding

When it comes to feeling inspired for your wedding turning to art and nature are good ways of seeing how colours can work together. So I'm taking a Klimt painting (which you can get from as inspiration for this multi coloured, rainbow wedding.

Nail varnish - you could let all your bridesmaids wear a different colour. I like Barry M make up

Cool bridesmaids dress from Coast

Cute daisy earrings from Abilu Creations

These would look lovely decorating a marquee or strung between trees outside.

The lanterns and these uber colourful tealights can be purchased along with lots of multi coloured lighting options from Blaze On

Then you could use pink cutlery and orange paper cups from Silly Jokes

For a multi coloured wedding the flower options are never ending. I like this simple but dramatic bouquet of calla lillies and long stemed tulips. See more like this from Martha Stewart Weddings

I have to stop now or I could post images forever. There really is nothing you can't do with a multi coloured wedding.

Cakes By Robin

Now at Savoir we like to find ideas for the alternative bride. And these might not be particularly 'alternative' cakes but they're so elegant I had to feature them and I want to eat them right off the page.

They almost don't look real they're so perfect

I'm quite a pink fan and this picture makes me happy and hungry!

Cakes By Robin was established by Robin (unsurprisingly there) and is based in London. I love how simple and effective her designs are.

Robin is totally flexible and will create a cake from scratch for you, work with a design you have, whatever you want really. For more details have a look at Yum.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Vintage tea sets

In my eternal quest for pretty things and quirky suppliers I came across the lovely Vicky from Vintage Tea Sets. Based in Bristol she supplies china tea sets, glassware and silverware from Victorian period to the 50s. She has over 450 trio sets, mountains of sugar bowls and milk jugs, quirky cake tongs and unusual cake plates. And the service includes delivery and collection so you can get them delivered right to your door. Most importantly for brides on a shoestring, the prices start as low as 50p so you can vintage up your garden tea party without blowing too much of your budget.

I especially like the mismatched tea pot and cup

I want to eat these cupcakes right off the page.

Right I'm off to put the kettle on...

Thank you Vicky for sending me the images which were taken by the talented Graham Morgan

Go to for more

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Romantic honeymoon guesthouse!

Last week we had the fun job of visiting potential honeymoon accommodation in the beautiful and relaxing area of Gwynedd in Snowdonia, Wales.

Ffynnon is a luxury boutique guest house in the little town of Dogellau. It is absolutely amazing and that is an understatement. First of all it's on Love Lane. Could that be any better for a honeymoon? And the owners Debra and Steve exceeded all expectations. They were friendly without being intrusive, helpful and accommodating. Basically we didn't want to leave.

All rooms at Ffynnon are individually decorated. We stayed in the newest room called Emily which is the priciest room at £180 (the cheapest is £120). It was more than worth the price. When we walked in the room our jaws actually dropped. These pictures don't even do it justice...

This was the most comfortable bed ever and actually came with a pillow menu which was rather exciting.

Check out that bath in the middle of a huge room!

Looking at the photos again makes me want to go back forever.

The area itself has mountains to climb, deserted beaches to stroll and delicious fish and chips to eat whilst gazing out at the sun setting over the estuary. It had everything I expect from a romantic break and I've been recommending it to the world since I returned.

Email if you want full details.

Otherwise go to
and book.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

I Heart Hydrangeas

I think Hydrangeas are adorable at weddings. Or in fact anywhere. Whilst we were in Wales last week they were EVERYWHERE. As we drove along coastal roads they bobbed their heads in the breeze all over the place. It really was amazing.

Now I know there's nothing particularly alternative about using hydrangeas at weddings. But the whole point of having an alternative wedding is that you do what you want. So if you want hydrangeas you damn well have 'em even if 'traditional' people have them too.

So why do I love them. Well the shape is so unique. I love the big fluffy marshmallowness of them. And the colours. Oh the colours. They come in pink, white, purple, blue and in so many different shades. I think I would plan my colour scheme at my wedding around hyndrangeas.

There are lots of creative ways you can use them for your wedding. Your could bundle stems from the same colour for a simple, affordable effect. Or you can intersperse them with other blooms for a more complex, textured bouquet. They're also great fillers, (although I don't like the word, it sounds like they're not important!) with other flowers as they're nice and affordable in general.

They are summer flowers although I have heard you can get them in Autumn too.

You can make your own simple hydrangea bouquets.
Check out for advice that's quite useful.

These photos were taken on our little trip of Snowdonia which I will be blogging about very soon. - Marriage Equality - Marriage Equality

I came across White Knot and thought I'd have to blog about it. White Knot is an US based organisation that promotes marriage equality. Anything that celebrates equal rights for everybody gets my vote. As they say on their twitter page, 'everybody should have the right to tie the knot'. Couldn't agree more.

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