Friday, 29 October 2010

Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!!

I'm so excited to be part of this and am delighted to present Savoir Weddings contribution to Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!

Now weddings and music don't exactly go hand in hand, in say the way fashion and music might. But as you may know, coming from a music background (well I worked in music events and can play the piano fairly badly), I am pretty passionate about music in general.

Which is why since discovering the blog of Hi-Fi Weddings I've become a big fan. Anybody that combines music and weddings gets my vote.

And when I found out about their Friday feature - the mixtape masters I knew I had to participate.

We get to pick 5 tunes we love. No rules or restrictions. Just 5 songs we want to share with you. And there's loads of super lovely blogs involved ( see bottom of post).

So after much dilly dallying and deliberating here's my 5 this week. They're quite random and have nothing to do with weddings, but I've been listening to these on repeat a lot of late and want to share...

Create a playlist at

Check out Hi-Fi Weddings and these other damn fabulous blogs for more musical treats for your ears...

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Hope you felt inspired in some way.

'til next time ♥

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gothic chic

So we're not really all that big on Halloween in old Blighty, well not compared to the US although one of the best parties I had as a teenager was a Halloween party. In fact there's still a fake knife stuck in one of my mum's pot plants I think.

I've been quite liking the idea of a Halloween inspired party or wedding so here's a few treats for you to feast your eyes on...

This skull is so cool I wouldn't mind it in my room all the time...

Dressing like this as I type at my desk would make me feel so important...

I like that this display contains no black and orange combo...

It's kind of creepy but I like this crow necklace that you can buy on Etsy...

It'd be fun to serve some signature drinks as bottles of poison...

These cupcake toppers are perfectly gothic chic...

For more chic Halloween ideas check out Melissa from The Loveliest Day's post at The Knotty Bride here

Happy Halloween my lovelies, what are your plans this weekend?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Web wonder from Emma Case Photography

I've already posted about my love of the unbelievably unique wedding photographer that is Emma Case here but I felt this shot needed special mention.

The whole wedding exudes a kind of down to earth, effortlessness which is actually quite hard to achieve when wedding planning so bravo to the couple Rebecca and Ross; and of course Emma for her superhuman ability to capture fleeting moments.

Click on the photo to see more of this touching wedding (and AWESOME dessert buffet).

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rustic, Autumn wedding love

It's official. Autumn is definitely in full swing here in the UK and after the chilliness of today it feels like winter isn't far behind. Long lazy days in parks and cosmopolitan drinking on roof terraces are fast becoming a hazy memory.

Summer weddings are great for the whole rustic, woodland, barn vibe because they're outdoorsy and generally look gorgeous. But to really enhance what's happening naturally, you can't beat an autumn wedding.

Could this look be any more autumnal? Click on the pic to see how to create this rather elegant side 'do.

Loving the shades...

For an autumn wedding the groom has got to wear a red bow tie, no?

These wood slice centrepieces with candles would be so warming ( + affordable) and look great on long banquet tables for a cosy barn wedding.

As favours, or a nice alternative to a candy buffet using seasonal fruits is budget friendly, eco friendly and looks pretty awesome in photos.

This cake couldn't really be any more rustic really.

Although these bite sized cupcakes would be a cute alternative.

It'd be fun to use autumn inspired props for a photo booth or shots with your photographer. Think brollies and wellies for a photo shoot with a twist.

What do you think? Could you have autumn wedding or are you all about the summer lovin'?

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Song covers better than the originals

So until this very post, this blog has been all about my views on weddings, style, life etc. The other half of Savoir hasn't had much of a look in. Until now. He has decided to hijack my monthly mixtape feature to, well, to give his opinion on music related things.

As part of our wedding planning services we provide alternative wedding DJs for couples who'd rather listen to 'good' music than "Come on Eileen" all night. It seems many of you out there want to be able to listen to music you like on your wedding day without alienating certain guests. As you should what with it being your wedding and all.

So DJ Dan decided to compile a list of song covers better than the originals. Now these might not be the tunes to get Granny on her feet but they're pretty cool nonetheless.

Anni B Sweet - Take On Me (A ha) - super sweet really.
Sliimy - Womaniser (Britney Spears) - Britney covers feature a lot here.
Call me Kat - Toxic (ditto) - I'd love to sing like this.
Yael Nain - Toxic (and ditto) - very surreal version but possibly my favourite.
Lissie - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) - if you don't know her already Lissie is going to be HUGE!
Chilly Gonzalez - Waves (Erol Alkan and Boyz Noize) - you have to give this one time - it's an insanely good tune.
Ok Go - The Lovecats (The Cure) - tough one really, is it better than The Cure?
The Klaxons - No Diggity (Blackstreet) - just an all round good song regardless.
The Gossip - Careless Whisper (George Michael) - Beth Ditto's voice is immense

And I leave you with this. It's not a cover as such but if you haven't come across this boy, which you probably have done as this is epic, then you must watch!

Have we missed any fabulous covers? Do you have a favourite?

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The City of Light... et moi!

This is the last post from me for a few days my lovelies as I am off to the City of Light!

Paris and I have a love affair going back a few years now. In fact I was going to move there at one point and hope at some point in time I will.

I don't know whether it's the sublime food, the people, the sheer romance and downright wondrousness ( a word?) but I always get ridiculously excited before my trips to Gay Paree.

This will be me, gazing at the Eiffel Tower in a gorgeous dress and hat. Although possibly I'd get a little chilly, since it's October and all.

Have a splendid weekend and I'll see you on the other side.

Au revoir!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Quail Bridal Bridesmaid dresses

I'm not really a fan of the 'traditional' bridesmaid look. You know, all matchy matchy and designed not to upstage the bride.

If I were getting married I'd want my girls to look something like this:

Mismatched, cute and for want of a better word, (because I'm not really a fan of it) sassy.

They're all from Quail Bridal and designed to be worn over and over again. Which is especially brilliant if you're asking your bridesmaids to buy their dresses themselves.

Whilst they have stores in New York and Long Beach they can ship internationally. Hurrah.

Check out the website as it's a pretty feast for the eyes - they have bridal dresses and an online store with some to die for dresses.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Web Wonder

Happy Monday lovelies. I hope you're excited about the week ahead. It's another busy one for me but going to Paris at the weekend. Yippee. I shall be doing a Paris inspired post this week I think.

I picked this photo because of the bride's expression. She just looks so damn excited to be getting married. Look at the wide smile! Okay so she's beautiful too but it's her obvious joy that stands out more in this image.

You should check out the whole wedding actually if you haven't seen it. It's very 1920s pure romance.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wedding guest book puzzle - yes, an actual puzzle.

Just a quick post from me today as I have been having a super busy week. Been booking up some exciting weddings for next year, planning next week's Paris trip and flat hunting. Phew.

I have however, got to make time for this little cutie. I came across this inventive wedding guest book and decided it was just too plain lovely not to share.

It's a wedding guest book puzzle. So guests write little messages on a puzzle piece. Quite frankly I think this is ingenious!

They're the work of Lara from Bella Puzzles. See here for more details including how to use a jigsaw as a wedding guest book.

Obviously the larger your wedding the bigger the puzzle and the heftier the price tag but if you're looking for something unique I think it almost beats the trusty vintage typewriter in terms of originality.

What do you think? Would you spend the money on a guest book like this?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Why I don't like wedding shows/fairs/fayres

...Mainly because they're depressing.

I went to the National Wedding Show for the first time this weekend and have to say I did not enjoy it that much.

It's not that I'm saying that I wasn't impressed with the suppliers exhibiting there (although there did seem to be a lot of identikit, 'genericness' present); it was more the whole atmosphere.

In a nutshell I think it destroys originality and challenges the whole concept of enjoying the planning process, from discovering a supplier you like to how to implement exciting ideas.

Okay so if you're overwhelmed by wedding planning or looking for one stop shop I can see how a wedding fair is useful. But if you want a personal, original wedding I think you'll only be disappointed. I certainly would be if I'd gone as a bride.

So let's be objective. They allow lots of brides to be access to suppliers they can meet in person. This I'm obviously not against. It all just felt a bit sad in a way. As I was walking around the N.W.S I could feel the neediness in the air, from brides to be looking for something that catches their eye to suppliers wanting to connect.

Maybe I'm naive or romanticising things too much but I don't think this is what planning a wedding should be about. Yes it can be hard, stressful and daunting. But it should be exciting and personal and certainly not feel like a cattle market.

I'm not ruling out the concept of a wedding fayre in principle. The idea is good. Introducing suppliers to potential clients and couples to potential suppliers. But my experiences of them so far is negative!

I'm willing to have my mind changed however and I'm sure this won't be the last wedding show I go to. But for now I remain unconvinced.

I'm hoping in time as weddings are becoming increasingly creative and unique that wedding fairs will follow suit. In fact in the UK we do have The London Vintage Wedding Fair coming up so I will be checking that out and by the title assuming I will like it a little more.

Gosh what a super whiny post this morning! Big apologies! I want to know what you think?
What are your experiences of wedding fairs? Have you been to any good ones. What made them good?

Maybe in time I should get all the fabulous suppliers I know of together and organise a big fat awesome wedding fair to show them how it's done!


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