Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Heart Chalkboards

So I like many in the wedding world am quite enamoured by chalkboards at the moment. So you can imagine my delight to come across these heart blackboard tags from Velvet Brown. At £11.95 for four they’re affordable enough for a variety of uses – place names (probably for smaller weddings) favours, reception decoration - they’re adorable and once the wedding is over can be recycled and used at home to remind your other half to get milk :)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Two Birds... bridesmaid dresses with a twist

So one of the most delicate aspects of planning your big day is deciding what your bridesmaids will wear and perhaps as importantly, how you will deal with any potential issues they may have.

Two Birds have a solution. One style of dress that can be worn in ' 15 unique ways flattering all body types, 18 colours offered in four lengths'. Sounds good right.

I've never worked with any brides that have worn a Two Birds dress and haven't seen them in the flesh but so far so impressed.

The dresses are made of a luxury jersey fabric. The genius behind them lies in the bodice straps which can be altered to make v neck, strapless, halter and more. And prices are £180 for the short version and £200 for the longer length which won't break the bank (unless you have 15 bridesmaids).

Check out the website, it's full of floaty dreamy images. And they have stores in Sydney, New York and now London.

Think I'm going to have to make an appointment to check these out...

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Grey, yellow, white

I know it's totally unoriginal and seen all over the place but grey, yellow, white = gorgeous..

warmth from the yellow, cool from the grey this colour combo is perfectly chic

Monday, 15 March 2010

Urban Soul Orchestra

Not being much of a fan of 'wedding music' that provides the same generic rubbish for every wedding, I am always excited when bands get in touch to offer something a bit different.

And our music industry connections means we know some very decent musicians who'll charge you a lot less than so called wedding bands and DJs.

I'd like to draw all you UK brides' attention to Urban Soul Orchestra. The band have a long history with the music industry (playing with Soul II Soul, Groove Armada among many) and have recently branched out into offering brides and grooms a 'non tacky' band for their weddings. Hurrah.

They're able to create pretty much whatever you want. They can do classical, chill out, rave music - whatever you need really. Urban Soul Orchestra are perfect for couples wanting one band who can do it all - from an acoustic assemble during dinner and a DJ set or big band to party to through the night.

Their DJs include Dan Lywood and Jose Carretas (Gorillza) and they've just created a 'Little Big Band' with 3 vocalists, quartet and backing tracks.

They've also played at celebrity weddings (including Peter Andre and Jordan - kind of reason enough to book them!)

See for more

Thursday, 11 March 2010

All About Yurts

Here at Savoir we love supporting small businesses so when Lucy from All About Yurts got in touch to tell me about the 2 yurts her partner had designed and built I just had to show you them.

UK based and available to hire at festivals Lucy and Al are now making them available for weddings.

These offer a gorgeous alternative to marquees and would be perfect for a wedding reception at home/festival style wedding. And celebrating in a structure someone has lovingly built is just perfect for weddings if you're a sentimental old soul like me!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Some of my fave photos of brides

Pretty gowns, happy brides, amazing style... here's a selection of photos that wowed me so I had to make sure you saw them too...

This photo actually leaves me a little speechless, which is rare to say the least. In fact all the photos from this wedding are exceptional. Lillian and Leonard - 2 ridiculously talented photographers.

Backless dress, tattoo, peonies, earings - what's not to love?

Look at that smile! There's nothing better than capturing the pure joy of a bride (no apologies if that sounds cheesy) and the beaming smile and crinkly eyes showcase this perfectly. Oh and the lace is pretty divine too.

And then a totally different kind of shot. A good contrast to 'happy' wedding photos this makes me think she's having a rare reflective moment before the 'hecticness' commences. And I heart the structure of that dress.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Bridesmaids - um hello, do they get much better than this?

Fun and sexy. Yes please.

The whole of this wedding is absurdly fabulous. I feel like I say this a lot and then another beautiful wedding just ups the ante.

Grey tights on bridesmaids not school girls. Love it.

Look once and you see pretty bridesmaids in coral dresses. But look again and they're wearing navy converse. Fabulous.

I like the lace peeking out and the unusual shape of these dresses.

Love the lace and contrast bewteen elegant dresses and lighthearted fun photo...


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