Thursday, 22 October 2009

Relaxed hippy wedding

Here's a selection of photos from the lovely outdoor wedding we did back in September. Zuzia and Nigel were quite anti weddings in that they were very much against a traditional formal wedding. So they used our festival style wedding package to have a relaxed, unique day.

The bride Zuzia and her dad walking down the aisle...

The couple had a blessing at the bottom of the garden under the willow tree.

After the blessing the band led a wedding dance with everyone involved. This is everybody being shown the moves.

The folk band played under the gazebo (thank god the weather held).

Inside the marquee there were simple white tables with origami animals instead of traditional floral centrepieces. We placed jam jars with candles in next to animal figures to glow when it got dusky.

Cute photo of the groom and his little girl.

Carrying on with the festival, circus vibe there were flame throwers, hoola hoops and fancy dress costumes...

We strung lanterns and jam jars with candles from the trees and on the ground for a glowing, ethereal atmosphere.

The outdoor bar that the groom built himself and friends helped decorate.

This did spell out the couples' names and there was a lovely 'aaaaah' moment when it was lit..

All in all it was a lovely, fun and memorable day. Proof that you don't need to spend a fortune to have a wonderful wedding.


  1. wow! great atmosphere!
    love the lighting.

  2. looks like the best wedding ever! Well done Savoir!

  3. Exciting and stunning all at once . . .

  4. Looked like a great party - totally love the picture of the groom and his daughter.

  5. I love this wedding, how it's not traditional and represent the couple style. The bride looked especially gorgeous too!!

  6. Yes what a cool wedding. The couple looked great, it looked like there was a lovely atmosphere and everyone was having lots of fun which is all that matters really. Just goes to show you can have lots of love and fun without breaking the bank!


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