Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Paris wonders

Well Paris turned out to be a little bit of a nightmare... stolen camera, too much snow, no Eurostar so stuck in Paris, then stuck in Antwerp, nearly not home for Christmas and so amidst all the mayhem there wasn't much opportunity for fabulous photo taking.

So here's a selection from the world wide web that should hopefully provide some whimsical, wondrous, Parisian magic...(and there's no snow in sight).

oh macaroons and pastries in general... there is no substitute for the way they melt in your mouth...

Chanel, Chanel, if only you were more affordable.


  1. I do love that perfume advertisement.
    Big balloons are really doing it for me right now

  2. yeah big balloons are going to be a theme in wedding shoots this year I predict :)

  3. Macaroons are not easy to find in Miami so when I travel and find them I buy tons of boxes which later presents a packing problem... haha!!!


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