Sunday, 4 April 2010

Too good to eat?

Now I don't know about you but I like wedding cakes that look delicious. Too often they look fancy but inedible - like a film prop rather than something you can't wait to tuck into.

Not these. These have me salivating.

What cake did you have? Did you do the cupcake thing..chocolate... cheese? Mmmn think I'm hungry.


  1. Too pretty to eat !! :-)
    Love the first one but the chocolate one looks so delish !!
    Happy Easter.


  2. yum!
    are the cakes on the last pic presented on tree trunks?
    such a cool idea, looks really good!

  3. My cake was a perfect 3-tiers of natural white European buttercream, two of vanilla with strawberry buttercream filling and one with chocolate/chocolate ganache. It was divine!

    When we were dreaming during planning, we had considered the addition of mini individual pies, too, but we scrapped that idea and stuck to the cake. One of my favorite parts of the reception for me!

  4. We had a massively over priced white three tier chocolate cake. The mother in law insisted - and paid the exorbitant bill. No one even ate any. The waitress forgot to put it out. I ate one piece when I found the pile out the back as we were packing up. So not cool.

  5. Any idea where the cake stand was from? It's fab!!!

  6. @Mrs T - oh no that sounds uber annoying. Still, sounds like you had to please the mother in law so had little choice!

  7. oh and Pennie, no I don't sorry but I think it was vintage so probably one of a kind, is gorgeous though isn't it!


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