Saturday, 26 June 2010

Why use a wedding planner eh?

Massive apologies for the lack of posts of late. I have been uber busy being a wedding planner and unfortunately have not had the time for my beloved blog world. Having had many chats with brides-to-be recently I thought it about time to wax lyrical on my profession...

Should I use a wedding planner?

To plan or not to plan... that is the question.

Of course when it comes to weddings it's a silly question because of course you're going to plan it. A more thought provoking question might be: 'To use a wedding planner or not to use a wedding planner... that is the question'. A little wordier and a tricky decision for many brides. I say brides because let's face it, it's mainly the ladies who do the planning.

Hiring a wedding planning is still a relatively new concept in the UK ( although our US sisters have been at it for ages) and is still regarded as a luxury or for those with big budgets. But basically we're just wedding experts and you consult an expert in other areas of your life so why not use one the one time you spend possibly more money (aside from property or cars) than you've ever spent before? You want your hair cut well, you go to a salon; you need the car fixed, you go to a mechanic. The latter not a very glamorous comparison maybe but you get the point. Planning a wedding requires expertees like anything else in life so why not use a professional at least for part of the process.

And good wedding planners have good supplier contacts and know lots of wedding secrets meaning we know ways to save you money. Save, not cost you money you see.

Weddings and planning for yours is a wonderful, challenging, exhausting and generally new experience for many couples. You have a million decisions to make and a lot of money at your disposal to be used wisely. Oh how much easier it would be if money was no object (this being true for very very few). And there's no pause button unfortunately on your 'real' life to enable you to get everything done. For brides planning lower budget weddings it can be even harder because you really need to make every penny count.

Wedding planning isn't rocket science. We're not geniusses (is that even a word?), we just love weddings. Most of us live, breathe, eat, sleep everything wedding related and to top it off, we actually have experience organising weddings.

Before I ramble on too much I should say, I know there are many women who don't need any help planning their weddings and enjoy it immensely. But for those who feel stressed, want to save money, or just want the ideas from a wedding planner, they shouldn't feel we're a luxury they can't afford.


  1. Well said. As my friend said, it was only when she was deep in wedding planning did she realize the value of a planner. Theoretically, you only get married once and there is an immense amount of information to process and things to decide - these are definitely areas a planner could help! Hope you had a lovely weekend. :)

  2. I would have loved a day of coordinator. Would have made our day much easier!

  3. Thank you ladies! @ Mrs T - yeah on the day coordinating is my most popular service! x


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