Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Speccy love

I wear glasses, well contact lenses most of the time. Without them I am bliiiind. And I like rocking the spec look from time to time.

I don't think I'd be bold enough to wear them on my wedding day though. They make me feel too self conscious.

Which is why I think these girls are super awesome for rocking their specs with serious style.

Todd Pellowe Weddings

What about you? Did you/would you wear your glasses on your big day?


  1. Ive been thinking of the same thing, been wearing specs almost full time for years.. But I think Ill put my contacts on for the big day..

  2. I'd certainly admire a bride wearing her glasses on her wedding day...if that's what makes her most comfortable. She can always whip them off come wedding photo time!

  3. I wanted to. But just didn't have enough money or time to buy the right glasses or change the photoreactive lenses. (They go dark with a flash and ruin pictures!)

  4. Awh they're all adorable! I don't really ever wear my glasses...I wear contacts pretty much every moment that I'm not sleeping so I wouldn't consider wearing them since they're not really me. But I think that people who wear them often should totally rock them on their wedding days :) xoxo

  5. These ladies rock! I wear contacts as much as I can but would rock glasses more if I had a cool pair!

  6. Their glasses look like unreal, but appear different feelings.

  7. Oh, I love the last photo! she looks gorgeous with the glasses!
    I don't have to wear glasses but I love the edge they give to a style-
    I stick to sunnies though and hope my eyes stay healthy forever.


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