Monday, 1 March 2010

Bridesmaids - um hello, do they get much better than this?

Fun and sexy. Yes please.

The whole of this wedding is absurdly fabulous. I feel like I say this a lot and then another beautiful wedding just ups the ante.

Grey tights on bridesmaids not school girls. Love it.

Look once and you see pretty bridesmaids in coral dresses. But look again and they're wearing navy converse. Fabulous.

I like the lace peeking out and the unusual shape of these dresses.

Love the lace and contrast bewteen elegant dresses and lighthearted fun photo...


  1. Love the top photo. I am desperate to have patterned/floral bridesmaid dresses.

  2. Ooh especially loving the top photo as we also having patterend BM dresses and good to see how good they look all together like that.

    Also loving the girls in grey.. totally agreed about the girls in tights

  3. Oooh love love love the last pics... and the grey tights too! I'm only planning on having 2 bridesmaids but this makes me want more!!

  4. Do you know who makes the lace dresses? Desperately seeking them for my wedding!


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