Monday, 15 March 2010

Urban Soul Orchestra

Not being much of a fan of 'wedding music' that provides the same generic rubbish for every wedding, I am always excited when bands get in touch to offer something a bit different.

And our music industry connections means we know some very decent musicians who'll charge you a lot less than so called wedding bands and DJs.

I'd like to draw all you UK brides' attention to Urban Soul Orchestra. The band have a long history with the music industry (playing with Soul II Soul, Groove Armada among many) and have recently branched out into offering brides and grooms a 'non tacky' band for their weddings. Hurrah.

They're able to create pretty much whatever you want. They can do classical, chill out, rave music - whatever you need really. Urban Soul Orchestra are perfect for couples wanting one band who can do it all - from an acoustic assemble during dinner and a DJ set or big band to party to through the night.

Their DJs include Dan Lywood and Jose Carretas (Gorillza) and they've just created a 'Little Big Band' with 3 vocalists, quartet and backing tracks.

They've also played at celebrity weddings (including Peter Andre and Jordan - kind of reason enough to book them!)

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  1. Hi Josie
    We have just (finally!) started our own blog ( and came across yours.
    Hope everything is well with you now spring has sprung and the wedding season is truly upon us!


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