Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wedding blogs - gift or curse?

I've been thinking lately about wedding blogs and how they affect brides planning their big day. When I (and I imagine other wedding professionals) browse blogs I'm pretty much just excited about what I come across. My only negative feelings tend to be that I don't have time to go through them all in enough detail.

But I've been wondering whether the same is true of brides to be, or brides that are now wives but find they still love being part of the online wedding world.

If this applies to you do you find you're generally inspired by what you see on design blogs, photography blogs, and brides' personal blogs? Or is there a small part of you a little bit hollow inside because your wedding isn't or wasn't that creative/inspiring/pretty/insert any adjective here??

Wedding blogs and the internet have without a doubt changed the way brides can and do plan their big days. And I love them. But I just wonder if the flip side of all this wonderfulness leaves some brides (planning a perfectly fabulous day) feeling just a little inadequate?

What are your thoughts ladies?


  1. I love being part of the world of bridal blogs, and whilst I'm constantly amazed at how creative and gorgeous some people's weddings are, I've never for a second compared them to my own wedding and wished that we'd done things differently. Maybe I didn't manage to find that amazing genuine 50s vintage dress, maybe we didn't have the kookiest save the date cards and maybe we didn't get the reception filmed on super 8 camera. But we did have the most amazing day that was unique to us and that I'll treasure forever, and most importantly, we did everything just the way we both wanted to. I guess my point is, don't get so hung up on planning a wedding that's going to make a really good blog post that you actually forget to have a damn good time. Because at the end of the day that's what matters most.

  2. On the most part, I'm very much for wedding blogs... A couple of years ago (before I got into blogging) the only weddings I'd been exposed to were v traditional ones – so the world of blogging really opened up my eyes to what we could do. I guess the only thing is that I am at the early stages so I might be thinking differently later on!

  3. I am of two minds about this.

    I ADORE my blog buddies - and there comments meant SO much to me in the lead up to our wedding, and still do. I love being able to share things with people who are going through the same things. People that are your kind of wedding crazy!


    I do get pangs now when I look at other peoples wedding photos because ours aren't quite what we had hoped. I'm sure other brides do this over other things as well.

    Would I go back and not have had a blog, or looked at blogs in the lead up to our wedding - Oh hell no.

  4. I am with Mrs T. I love wedding blogging and wedding blogs. I don't take gorgeous photos personally. Just like I wouldn't take Vogue spreads too personally. I do prefer personal blogs rather than professional. A little more soul. Ya know?

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Mrs. T (who is my online blogger buddy already!)

    There is a fine line between inspiration and apprehension (that your wedding doesn't stack up). Like Mrs. T, I was somewhat disappointed in our pictures and thought some weren't "blog-worthy" enough. Looking at the big pro wedding blogs can drive one a little nuts and I'd suggest brides step away from a while and there is definitely a backlash apparent from reading personal blogs. It can also make you feel like you spent too much if you were a budget wedding or too little if you tried to be formal. There is definitely judging on both ends of the spectrum (from budget sites that make you feel like you didn't DIY enough).

    I loved the community, camaraderie, and comments from bridal bloggers though. It helped me calm down in so many ways and I wouldn't give that up for anything.

  6. I meant backlash from bridal bloggers who are reading some of the big blogs and getting crazed, not backlash against personal blogs!

  7. It makes me nervous for my big day because I know my wedding isn't necessarily going to be fancy or going to be unique, but you know what, it's going to be my wedding that reflects me and reflects Nick and reflects us. And that's what I care about.

    I just don't want others to criticize us for that choice.

  8. I love wedding blogs, but i have seen them go from different ideas, different style, unique, and fun... to... all sharing the same weddings, the same ideas, even the same photos on the same week...i find this boring, and i wish they could find THEIR style.
    I find myself hunting unique and new blogs who want to show new and exciting things...who dont advertise, or charge people for them to write about them...
    I admire the people who strieve to be different, and do it for the joy of sharing.
    Im loving the comments im getting about my wedding plans and i hope i inspire others to recreate a totally personal that not what it is all about?
    Loving your blog and Miss Lissy your wedding will be perfect for you two...dont worry about other people...look into your husbands eyes and understand that the rest of your life is what is important not this one day xxx

  9. My blog-reading habits have really evolved as my own wedding day gets closer.
    In the initital stages of planning I really couldnt get enough of the big shiny slick wedding blogs.. (martha stewart, ritzy bee, southern weddings magazine, style me pretty etc) and I got heaps of ideas from them.. too many ideas in fact..
    But as my own wedding took shape I became less into the really slick blogs and started enjoying more 'ordianry' or achievable weddings with realistic budgets (blogs like once wed, snippet and ink, green wedding shoes)
    Now that my wedding is here and most of the decisions been made I have virtually lost all interest in general inspiration blogs and now fascinated by personal wedding blogs that chronicle individual wedding journeys..

    So I guess that I started out looking for inspiration, then went to looking for specific ideas and now at the stage of just looking for moral support!

  10. honestly, i thing it's not just about pre-wedding. it's that post wedding, you go from having this sort of built-in community of crafty bloggers to not really having the same space. while i occasionally read wedding blogs, and even write a little about ideas for them, it feels a little like losing an outlet. so many bloggers stop writing after their weddings (which is one reason i didn't start until after the wedding). but it seems important that there be a way to connect without feeling like weddings are the only outlet for that?

  11. Thanks so much for your comments ladies, is so good to hear your thoughts xxx

  12. I feel a bit of both sometimes. I love looking at the pictures, but I enjoy the thoughtful posts more (there are only so many colour schemes a gal can look at, especually if she's not that bothered in the first place!).

    I like the photos - but the 'blog worthy' ones even now look a bit samey (bride and groom jumping, pictures of bridesmaids' shoes, retro colour filters. And don't get me started on engagement shoots which I totally don't get). We're having a friend take ours and I know I'll love whatever he takes. I just can't afford several grand for photos.

    Crafting - I can take or leave, though there is a lot of emphasis on being 'creative' which might make some people feel inadequate.

    But the thing is, the blogs have helped me to see what's out there and given me confidence to do what I want in a way that the majority of wedding mags really haven't. And there's a whole community of support here which is just brilliant indeed.


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