Monday, 19 July 2010

Retro wedding party

The clients from this fab wedding party had a super elegant and intimate wedding at Beauberry House on the Friday and wanted a totally fun and colourful party the next day. A brilliant idea if you can't decide what type of wedding to have (and have the money to do both)!

Julia bought the decorations she wanted and I went along to style it for her so she and her hubby could turn up relaxed and stress free to start her second party.

Here are some iphone pics...

Julia (the bride), works for Wedding magazine as an art director and is a wedding photographer herself. See her blog for more about her work.


  1. What a great retro touch with the addition of the jukebox and the checkered tablecloths.

  2. oh yeah! fabulous.
    I like how very simple it is!!!

  3. Hipstamatic is the best app EVER. Cute photos


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