Tuesday, 27 July 2010

50s style wedding

First up, this wedding is fab. Playful, silly and fun. And I love the 50s feel to it all. But it's the photography and mainly the photographer that's the real reason I wanted to post it.

I discovered Al Overdrive through Rock N Roll Bride and after checking out his website and blog I knew I wanted to add him to my list of suppliers.

I'm usually a fan of the soft focus, vintage photography, all nude palettes and tulle like fabrics, if you read lots of wedding blogs you know the ones I mean. However, I really like Al's use of colour, and the clean, sharp images.

Al's not your typical wedding photographer ( no white round tables and tacky chair backs here), he started in forensic photography and he recently won Best Photographer by the UK Tattoo Industry.

And he doesn't just shoot weddings, oh no Mr Overdrive (not his real name by the way) photographs for music and fashion industries too.

I love that people like Al bring their skills to the wedding industry which until recently has been saturated with samey sameness. So don't delay people, go and check him out!

Check out his blog now


  1. I love her dress! And the photos are divine

  2. Her dress is AWESOME. And the photos are divine

  3. Thanks guys ! I'm glad you contacted me to add me as a supplier, I look forward to working with you in the future :)

    For my sins, I am still rock and roll - just finished the pix from a recent wedding in time to pack to go shoot sonisphere festival for 3 days in the mud and the dirt, so if you don't hear from me for a few days I'm not ignoring you ! :)


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