Friday, 18 February 2011

Radiohead playlist

I am so ridiculously excited about Radiohead's new album The King of Limbs which has been released online today. So I had to do a mix of some of my favourite Radiohead songs. Which has been impossible.

Words cannot express how I feel about Radiohead. Coming from Oxford I grew up with their music. From The Bends to OK Computer and the incredible In Rainbows, their music has been the soundtrack to my life.

I can't even write any more without getting teary.

Suffice to say, Radiohead, I love you.

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If you like Radiohead too, what are your favourite songs?

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  1. Nice work. Not sure I can possibly choose just a few songs either. I remember seeing them at the Oxford Apollo a few times and even when Thom Yorke dropped a bottle of beer on my foot as I waited outside my school (he lived nearby). It seems we have a mutual love.

    In no particular order I guess top of my list are:

    High & Dry (massive memories)
    Talk Show Host
    Everything In It's Right Place
    All I Need
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place

    Favourite album, think it might actually be In Rainbows.

  2. Oh yay! I've been waiting for this!!! Have fun this weekend, love :) xoxo

  3. In Rainbows is my favourite album too I think. Glad you share the love. I can't think of another band I love who have such diverse music AND are as awesome live as on CD. Oh the memories...

  4. I've just decided earlier today that I believe Paranoid Android goes on my top five all-time songs. It had TOUGH competition, let me tell you. But there's no feeling quite like when that song starts playing...

  5. Love! So excited for Radiohead's new album, this gets me in the mood!


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