Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Etsy wedding dress

I've waxed lyrical about my love for Etsy many times on this blog. I just think it's such a good resource for anybody looking for unique and individual pieces. Sure, you often have to search to find the diamonds in the rough but it definitely rewards the patient browser.

Also a good option if you're looking for an original wedding dress. Look at these beauties I found recently...

from Lightwitch $395.00

from Ouma $480.00

This dress I've seen around before (and maybe even blogged) but seriously, look at it. It is insanely awesome. And only $840. Bargain eh.

also Ouma $840.00

What do you think? Would you buy your wedding dress from Etsy?


  1. Etsy is simply awesome! I would buy my wedding dress from there (have my eye on this seller: http://www.etsy.com/shop/joanshum) and even if that Ouma dress does not become my wedding dress I have sworn for a long time I will one day buy it just because it is so bloomin' beautiful! :D

  2. Etsy is my favourite place in the whole wise world and those dresses are fab. I have a thing about sleeves at the mo' and the lightwitch one is gorgeous!

  3. I heart Ouma so much. I also love a bit of Sarah Seven on there. Lusherama.

  4. I love that second Ouma dress, it looks stunning! Would definitely consider getting a dress on Etsy - but more likely to be my chic and sweet London dress than the full on wedding dress of Italy wedding.

  5. you're right, these are gorgeous. just wanted to share a link, i was visiting Fredericksburg TX last weekend to attend a wedding and popped into a nice boutique. Spotted some lovely wedding dresses (on the simple side). http://haberdasheryboutique.blogspot.com/ Apparently they have more of their inventory on facebook.
    Take care!!

  6. They are absolutely gorgeous and I would have no problem with buying a wedding dress from etsy. Have a great day!

    xx Kristin

  7. love ouma and that last dress!
    featured it the other day on the blog
    i'd totally buy a dress off of etsy...claire la faye, sarah seven, elizabeth dye all had/have etsy shops/got their start there!


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