Saturday, 28 May 2011

The perfect foundation? I think so.

I've been after the perfect foundation for years and think I've finally stumbled upon THE ONE! Sorry for shouting but in some small way this feels like a lifelong quest accomplished.

The texture is lovely and smooth and it feels light and moisturising. It doesn't feel like you're wearing foundation which is the main problem I've had with most of the ones I've used in the past. And it has SPF 15 which is a nice bonus.

It's not too pricey either, about £13 for 40ml.

Have you any beauty product recommendations? I'm still searching for the perfect mascara.


  1. Glad You found THE ONE hehehe. I have loads of Mascara's in my Make-Up Kit for work and they all serve their purpose depending on the shoot or job I use different ones. I have ones for Full Volume for TV or Editorial work if it calls for full on Eyes, I have waterproof for my Brides and contact lens wearers etc. but my Fave for Every day that is great for Building up at night too is Rimmel London GLAM'EYES the Black tube with pink writing about £7-8 (doesn't break the Bank either). When I go All out with Make-Up I Love the effect that Diorshow or the YSL in the Gold casing gives but they run out quite quickly and are double/triple the priceso not really a wise investment more a luxury buy ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips, shall check out your recommendations!

  3. Diorshow mascara EVER!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation dear!
    I like Chanel inimitable (I hear inimitable intense is better) because of the brush and non-clumpiness. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide almost seems to condition and is nice as well!

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