Monday, 1 August 2011

Time to get into the groove

Good morning and welcome to another week folks! Today's what does a wedding planner actually do is all about creating the right working environment, (as inspired by Madonna and her ability to get into that groove).

Everyone is different but I think most people benefit from working set hours in a proper location i.e a desk, not your bed, the sofa, floor etc.

Creating a decent work space for yourself gives you more pride in your work, makes you feel more focused and helps spark creativity.

Before I purchased my snazzy orange Ikea desk I worked at the dining room table. Which wasn't great as it's in the same room as the TV. And somehow Neighbours and Home and Away were always on. Working in the lounge meant I would just pop the TV on for company - Jeremy Kyle, Loose Women, yep, all that trashy TV became the background noise to my work.

But now I have a clean, (most of the time), work space, which is just for work and whilst I work better with some sound, the company of the radio is far preferable to people shouting on Jeremy Kyle. Because if it's a case of sorting out my insurance, or watching a man who fathered his sister's best friend's child's baby, which one's most likely to win out?

What about you? Where's your favourite place to work?


  1. I have to work away from all things or I get distracted. Everything grabs my attention except work, haha. Love the orange!! Hope you have a great day! x

  2. What a great workspace! I generally work on the couch but I have to make some changes... :)

    Happy Monday, sweetie!

  3. I really need to get my very own work space! I love that orange desk!

  4. I love working in our study - I guess I just have to have a nice seat!

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