Thursday, 12 November 2009

Blue bottles and delicate flowers

This image is so delectable I want to eat it. It's from Eat Drink Chic for those of you who haven't yet discovered it. Amy Moss' blog does exactly what it says on the tin and provides ' stylish ideas and D.I.Y for parties, weddings...'

Why brides spend hundreds and hundreds on dramatic bouquets I'll never understand because as far as I'm concerned there's nothing more romantic than simple bottles with garden flowers. Lovely to look at on this blustery wet evening.


  1. wow what a great pic.
    super simply and stylish!

  2. I know! Makes me think of skipping through fields in spring time for some reason!

  3. Oh thank you thank you, I'm always looking for new inspiration!

  4. totally agree! i am in for garden flowers and bottles.


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