Sunday, 1 August 2010

Wedding style & design

Over the past year I've been collecting vintage and non vintage wedding props. It wasn't intended as a business plan initially, I just enjoyed their aesthetic value, but I was increasingly struggling to find affordable bits and bobs to recommend to clients so I thought why not offer my clients the option to hire what they like.

Here's some of my favourite pieces...

This Paragon tea cup makes me feel like such a lady when I drink Earl Grey from it.

I got this gorgeous old clock on Etsy and it cost a small fortune to have it shipped over here but it looks pretty awesome on my bookcase and my next couple have hired it for their wedding on Saturday.

please do ignore random reflection in this photo

This teapot is a favourite because of the worn gold handle. I like imagining the conversations people must have had over the years whilst pouring tea from this delightfully gaudy pot.

I really enjoy scouring car boot sales, vintage markets and looking online for various pieces. I'm not fanatical about them being vintage, they can be vintage inspired or contemporary in fact. My only realy rule is I don't buy anything I wouldn't want at my wedding/ in my home.

I'm really looking forward to launching this new service to my current and future clients and I'm also pretty excited about the fact this means I have a legitimate excuse to go shopping. Rejoice!

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