Monday, 30 August 2010

Look what I found on Etsy...

I'm starting many new regular posts and one of them is going to be called Look what I found on Etsy. The title is pretty self explanatory, I'm going to feature not sellers but items for sale that I find on my web travels and think you might like.

And anyway, does anyone not love Etsy? I mean really. When you can find such stylish and cute finds like this...

It's, let's face it, sweet and simple and cheap as chips. So anyone in charge of getting the guestbook for their friend's/sister's/cousin's wedding - look no further peeps.

Buy this here for a mere $45.99 (about £30 I reckon)


  1. Great find Josie, looking forward to more of the regular features :)

  2. Oh this is adorable! It would be perfect as a wedding journal/notebook too!!! Or just to be reminded of the one you love. Super cute find!!!


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