Monday, 2 August 2010

New York, New York

I am going to New York! Woohoo!

I absolutely adore New York. The food, the buildings, the shops, the sheer exhileration at being somewhere I've grown up seeing in tv and film.

I've been a couple of times before, and done all the touristy things I want to.

Hopefully we'll be staying in Williamsburg which is definitely my fave part of the city.

This time I plan to research what I want to, cool restaurants and bars, so I can feel like a New Yorker for a week.

Although this is a holiday to celebrate a very busy summer for Savoir, I would like to do some wedding research. Maybe look at bridal boutiques, check out some venues.

I'm not going until October so please send me your recommendations!


  1. Eeek you'll be in my hometown! Chimu is in Williamsburg I think and has great picante de mariscos. I love Pala pizza in the LES and of course classic Grimaldi's pizza followed by ice cream at the brooklyn ice cream factory.

    I also love Cuban food and the Japanese ramen places and other small eats kinda places in the E. Village by St. Marks. Oh my I could go on. Please do email me if you'd like any more tips...err and aren't just food :)

  2. Oh I absolutely will email you! Thank you! And I spend most of my time eating on holiday so food tips are great :)

  3. We stayed here and it was lovely! Met other nice people there, and Ann let us lend her bikes and her Moma card. Have fun, wish it was me!

    Oh and go for lunch at the Carnegie Deli, you wont need to eat for the next few days.


  4. Wish I had recommendations - New York is VERY high on my wish list of places to go. You will have so much fun.


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