Thursday, 16 September 2010

Launching new blog post: Style crush on...

Zooey Deschanel

I said recently I was going to launch some new monthly (prob more frequent) features. Well one of these is the Style Crush.

When you plan a wedding (your own of course, or other peoples like I do) you think a lot about style. Your collective style will underpin the whole wedding. From what food you want to serve to how you want the tables laid out - pretty much every decision is made based on your own opinion of what you like and don't - your style essentially.

So before you pick a colour scheme, or for that matter before you even make decisions such as what type of reception venue you want, I think it's worth considering what your personal style is. Most of us don't fall neatly into a category - we straddle many styles depending on our mood among other things. And there's nothing wrong with that, in fact I love being a bit of a style chameleon. But when it comes to your wedding planning, having a clear sense of your overarching style will help you whittle through all the pretty things you want at your wedding to really know what's you. What will help your day be a true reflection of you.

And so that leads us nicely into this post and subsequent ones. I'm going to feature girls probably, (although I can think of some men I'm going to feature) that I admire the 'style' of. Many images used will be from magazine shoots but you can still get a sense of the 'essence' of them.

Some of these style crushes will be fairly obvious choices I guess but some might surprise you. Style to me isn't just about clothes or fashion it's everything about a person and the way they decide to live their life.

So first up is Zooey Deschanel. She could be Katy Perry's cooler twin sister, that aside, this girl oozes natural style and charm.

I think she channels vintage chic with hints of a bygone era and is effortlessly chic without seeming contrived.

With her band mate M. Ward, I am lusting over this dress.

Who are your style crushes?


  1. Can I say HRH Queen Elizabeth II? Just for the sheer decadence.

  2. Aww heck yes. Queen of style deliciousness and charm.

  3. Mine change ALL the time... but Im loving Christina Hendricks in Mad men, but I love Zooey too! (I think Im a style chameleon - I can never choose one!)

    Thanks for the lovely comment. Lots is going on at WEDDING, so we should plan a coffee soon! xx

  4. I like so many different styles. It seems to change with my mood that particular day. I love her hat. I am a big fan of hats. Hats add a certain attitude to a person.

  5. So gorgeous!! Reminds me of Katy Perry who I absolutely love :) xo

  6. She is so ridiculously cute!

  7. Yes, didn't think I'd be alone in my style crushing. Looking forward to doing a guy style crush. Will justify looking at lots of pictures of yummy men!


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