Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Monthly Mixtape

Coming from music backgrounds (the other, more silent half of Savoir still works as a booker for a music PR agency) we really don't talk enough about music on this blog.

There's so much I could say about music and why I love it in general let alone at weddings, so I'm not even going to start.

Instead I'm starting a new, probably monthly feature, of 'alternative' wedding music, called The Monthly Mixtape. We're going to compile a selection each month of music we ♥ and would be part of our wedding mixtape.

Some old tunes, some new, some you'll have heard, some you might not.

Music to walk down the aisle to, to dance your first dance to, or maybe just have on your playlist .

So here's 10 random lurrrvve songs for you to get all soppy and romantic to.

1. The Maccabees - Toothpaste Kisses - just a damn beautiful song - probably my favourite both lyrically and musically here. Check out the quite random vid below...

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
- ditto the loveliness
The Beach Boys - I Was Made to Love her - high tempo and fun
Radiohead - All I Need - okay so it's a bit sombre but it's an intensely romantic song
The Rolling Stones - That's How Strong My Love Is - maybe as good as the original
Green Day - Last Night On Earth - unashamedly romantic
The Killers - My List - starts off pretty sentimental - then throws in some Killers energy and good ole riffs.
Alaska in Winter - Lovely Lovely Love
- because of the title but it's a pretty epic tune
She & Him - I Was Made For You - because who wouldn't want to be a bit like Zooey Deschanel and the song is sweet without being saccharine
Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life - 'A thousand butterflies from your lips to mine'

What are your thoughts? What would be on your absolute must have music list?


  1. yay.
    what a great idea.
    and i like the new layout as well

  2. love love love it.
    Just downloaded the songs from that list that I didn't already know.
    Star! xo

  3. What a great list!!! Love seeing them all together. I think I'm going to make my own mix later tonight :)

  4. Aww what a sweet song! This will be a great feature!

  5. It was so much fun researching this post! I'm definitely going to do more music features.

  6. I LOVE this list. So many of the songs are already on my wedding playlist wishlist and I will be adding the others to it. What wonderful taste you have!


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