Monday, 20 September 2010

Pink & Purple

Pink and purple is currently my favourite colour combo. I love the unapologetic bright, bold, sexiness of these two together. Pale pink, bright purple vs hot pink and lilac I like 'em all...

I adore these short, pastel dresses. At the risk of upstaging the bride I'd love to see some daring bridesmaids in these bad boys.

Are these purple hydrangeas I spy?

Fresh flowers on the head instead of in the hands. Has anyone seen a bride do this?

Could this boutonniere be any more gorgeous/divine/cute/insert any other overused adjective?

So technically this isn't a groom, it's the rather delish Devendra Banhart, nonetheless I'm quite a fan of the pink bow tie and black braces.

For sheer glam factor, this pale lilac gown...

Or this pink perfection perhaps...

This one is an actual real bride...

Yes, I'll have all of these please...

Some of you clever chicks will have noticed this ring is not pink and purple, rather blue and purple but it's too damn wondrous not to include.

Pale pastel pinkies and over the knee socks...

or the rather more glam satin babies...

Not sure how I could bring myself to cut this...

Combined with other bright hues for a yummy dessert table...

In the style of good old Chandler from Friends, ' Could this tree be any more amazing?'

Do you love pink & purple as much as me? What are your colour obsessions at the moment?


  1. Oh, I adore that beautiful pale lilac gown. So dramatic in style, yet subtle in color. Beautiful photos today. My color combination de jour is most definitely grays and blues. At least for the autumn/winter time, anyway!
    Have a lovely week. I've recently added some more vintage wedding photos to my blog, if you would like to pop on over for a looksee!

  2. mhmmmmm purple is my all time favorite color! not too excited about pink though.
    and i think you have to be careful with this colors.
    i love purple but only have a few tiny things, like earings with purple gemstones, these colors are really intense.
    The purple blossom tree is amazing!

  3. Oh a certain lady here is rather in love with pink and purple too!

  4. I actually love the pink over the knee socks and those shoes!

  5. Oh this is a great round up of pics! Love pink and purple together!!! That last pic with the bougainvillea is fabulous!!


  6. Purple Passion! LOOOOVing - especially since it's my very fave color. Your fashion sense is ON POINT!

  7. I am beyond smitten with those bridesmaid dresses! I wouldn't have minded if my girls showed me up in those :)

  8. Thank you for your comment I looove this collection wish I was younger and getting married love the Marie Antoinette knee socks!

  9. What a fabulous collection of images! Purple and pink were my favorite colors when I was six, but I think it's time they make a come-back to my list of faves!


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