Monday, 27 December 2010

Full of turkey Monday Medley

So my Monday Medley is pretty late today, but what can I say, I've been eating, drinking and watching television, as I hope you have been.

I am now, however, back in the game (and full to the brim). Henceforth from my position on the sofa I bring you my collection of web delights...

the bride

I can't even begin to say how excited I was to see these particular wedding pics. Suffice to say the bride is a friend whose wedding I couldn't make so I'm delighted to see how gorgeous it all turned out!

This photo is awesome.

Strong, glamorous and fierce. This photo says 'bring it on' to me!

Head over to Anna's blog, Love my Dress and Emma Case Photography to see more.

the chalkboard

Love love love these key chalkboards. They remind me of The Secret Garden, all magical and mysterious. Would work wonderfully with a garden wedding reception. And you can buy them on Etsy. Awesome.

the centrepiece

I like the idea of random objects/ unusual centrepieces (I worked on a wedding with origami animal centrepieces once). And these are pretty awesome.

Found via A Beautiful Mess you can buy these on Etsy too!

the bouquet

Have you ever seen such a beautiful bouquet? This wedding seen over at Style Me Pretty is so adorable. The bride did all the DIY elements herself. Gorgeous and making me long for spring.

the cake topper

It's still pretty hard to find cake toppers that aren't a tad boring or dare I say, tacky. But, I've got to say I adore this one.

Found over at Peonies & Pearls and you can buy on Ebay!

That's it! Hope you're all enjoying this strange time between Christmas and New Year!


  1. It is a rather strange time isn't it? Hope you're making good use of it. P.S. Those chalkboards are amazing.

  2. Yay for Anna! The bouquet is also gorgeous!

  3. such lovely wedding inspirations! I remember the time before my wedding when all i can think about is what other crafty stuff can i make for the wedding!


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