Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I would have loved to work with this couple!

I don't tend to feature real weddings at Savoir Weddings much. There are so many awesome blogs that do that, I prefer to leave it to the pros.

But I've had to make an exception for this wedding. I 'met' Angie the bride, through being involved in Hi Fi Weddings weekly mixtape masters and have been reading her blog ever since. And recently she's been posting her wedding pics up, and I just had to feature them here.

For one main reason - Angie and Josh's wedding is a perfect example of a unique, personal and creative wedding - what I'm also banging on about here and to clients.

Yes your wedding should be stylish and yes, (if you want), you should put a lot of effort into making it a brilliant day for you and your guests. But a truly great wedding is one that represents the couple. Not one that would be fabulous on a blog or magazine spread, but one that is a prefect 'fit' for the couple getting married.

And this of course is the challenge. Incorporating ideas and trends into the best day for you whilst keeping in budget and ensuring all your guests are happy is the tricky part. Which brings me back to Angie and Josh. Now whilst I can't say I know them well (in fact I doubt Josh has heard of me!), I can tell this wedding was the perfect wedding for them.

It looks gorgeous, but personal, not like everything was created just to look good. And most importantly, they look so happy.

Take a look for yourself and then head over to Angie's blog one cat per person to find out more about this lovely lady and her big day...

All photos are by the rather talented Tom Schirmacher.

What do you think? Just amazing right?


  1. Hey isn't that the girl from Cat person...or something like that? She has a cute little blog! LOVE her wedding pics - especially the ketchup and mustard hearts!

  2. Ummm...excuse me for ignoring the so clearly mentioned title linked in this post! ;)

  3. great images and such a fun couple!

  4. What a fabulous couple! I can see why!

  5. thank you so much, josie! tom did such a wonderful job on the photos and we couldn't be happier. the images are exactly as we remember the day - personal, intimate and lots of fun.

  6. angie's wedding was absolutely lovely....perfect example of how a wedding should be: A uniquely awesome gathering that is formed from who the couple is...great shtuff.


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