Monday, 6 December 2010

Things that have caught my eye of late...

Good morning my lovelies, this is the calm before the storm of a super busy week for me. Why is this time of year always so crazy eh. I imagine your lives are equally as jam packed!

I thought this was a nice way to start this week's Monday Medley...

the thought

the dress

Azzoro (uber chic French fashion house) launches a bridal collection Azurro MariƩe. Okay now this definitely won't be for the brides on a budget but a girl can dream right?

There's going to be 30 dresses featuring both short and long styles and a variety of delicious fabrics.

The totally decadent and divine part is that each dress comes with a personalised label with the bride's name and wedding date AND an illustration of the dress as a souvenir.

All very VIP so far and the treatment you get promised at the London, Paris or Barcelona boutiques sounds wondrous. I wonder if they'll make me a dress in the name of research?

the eyelashes

I have decided after reading this post over at OMG I'M Getting Married that I am going to go and get me some false eyelashes. Quite frankly I am fed up of my pathetic spiky spider legs eyelashes and want some glamour. How amazing would it be to wake up all fluttery eyed and girly!

the bride

This bride's amazing eclectic style is captured rather beautifully by Chloe Browne aka Caught The Light

Just check out the venue, the bridesmaids and the styling. It is epic I tell you.

the photos

I discovered these beauties over at Style Me Pretty. I really like the-looking-into-the-sun effect.

the jewellery

These pieces are just presented so well. Found over at tales of a jUnkaholic, they are part of the new collection by blog owner and all round cool lady Artemis.

That's it! Enjoy your Monday.


  1. What unique and fun styling for the jewelry photos!

    Ahh and will I ever tire of wedding dresses. Nope.

  2. Love the jewelry and ferret! sooooo cute!!

  3. beautiful inspiration! loving the photos and the dress!

  4. Love love love the bridal sun shots here :O)

    All the best,


  5. LOVE that dress! And the jewelry is awesome too :)

  6. Such a cute way to display the jewelry! And yes, get some faux eyelashes - they're the best! :) xo


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