Sunday, 13 March 2011

A bit of a soppy post

I'm feeling in a particularly sentimental mood today and felt like this was a perfect opportunity to was lyrical on my love for my couples.

I can genuinely say I adore each and every couple I'm working with at the moment. They are all so wonderfully unique and their ideas and hopes for their respective weddings completely reflects this.

I will have to quit whilst I'm ahead here before I becoming sickeningly schmaltzy. Suffice to say I never would have imagined a few years back that I would get to run my own business, work creatively with inspiring suppliers (you know who you are!) and meet such diverse and interesting people both in the flesh and in the blogging world.

I guess I want to say a big thank you in particular to my couples for making my job so enjoyable. Some of whom I know read this but won't comment ;)

You guys rock my world!


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