Saturday, 19 March 2011

A watercolour wedding

via Vanessa Knox

I haven't done a If I were getting married for a while and whilst browsing on Pinterest I realised how much I'm liking this watercolour/ombré effect lately.

Think lots of colour used boldly but softly faded which sounds like an oxymoron but I think you know what I mean?

So, it got me thinking about how could you use this as inspiration for your wedding day.

the hair

Dark at the roots, blonder at the tips. Love it. A little bit grungy but still glam. Would work well with a relaxed beach wedding say.

via Bit and Bino

the cake

Who hasn't seen this divine creation in blogland. Too pretty to eat.

via Maggie Austin Cake

the flowers

via Design Sponge

Other ways you could incorporate the watercolour/ombré idea.

- fabric back drop for photos or the ceremony

- with napkins or table decoration

- with a garland or bunting

Obviously you wouldn't want to go overboard with this and it would be more a look to inject subtly but what you think?


  1. that cake! I want that cake!!! usually i'd find lavender/purple a turnoff color in food.. but that is so gorgeous!!

  2. I've been seeing ombre a lot recently around the blogosphere - you're right on trend I think!

  3. OK... you got me. I am "too busy" to be trolling and leaving comments, but I just have to tell you how awesome you are! I could also try to come up with something more witty and fabulous... but so far the phrase "wow... she's just awesome" has gone through my head too many times not to tell you. For one, I came here looking for a 'not tacky' goth wedding, and found it. Then I was scrolling through looking for table setting thoughts, and came upon the GORGEOUS Marie Antoinette/Jane Austen shoot, which I happened across recently and put it together that this was the same blog... and now I am seeing this freaking stunning dress and the genius that goes with using it for inspiration for a wedding... I just had to tell you. You're awesome. Next time I promise I will have a better word :)

  4. Oh, and incidentally, you are one of the few people who has linked Maggie's cake to her actual site and not Magpie Cake's site... kudos.


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