Monday, 25 July 2011

Do I exist more online than in real life??

 This picture has no relevance to this post, just using it because I'd like to be 
at the seaside today because the weather is glorious.

I have to admit, before I became a wedding planner I pretty much avoided being online. Okay so I had a Facebook page but that was about it. I certainly couldn't imagine ever that they'd be a time where I'd be 'connecting' with people through so many different mediums. At the moment my online presence includes about 7 different mediums. All of which are business related (except for my personal Facebook page and although I imagine this will become about self promotion too).

So now a large part of my day starts with the checking in of all this social media forms. Which is good because it is nice to connect with people when you're technically a freelancer and work alone.

But it does make me wonder whether it's all going to implode in on itself or whether we're just going to get more and more things to sign up to. Which I generally want to because they're quite exciting, (at least at first).

If this is what we have in 2011 I wonder what will be on offer by 2015 say, not just in terms of tools for promoting our small businesses but just generally.

Currently I exist on the following sites:

Google +

Phew, exhausting. Is there anything else I've forgotten? What's your favourite online resource/tool? I think if I had to pick, it would be Pinterest, just because it's full of pretty images. It's also a useful resource for brides seeking inspiration. Kind of like the best of all the blogs.


  1. Yeah, pinterest is my favourite - a daily dose of pretty. I find it really hard to balance my social media input, it is part of my marketing (and part of me), but I have lost whole days to it. I may need to schedule my time on it soon :)

  2. Ha! I'm on all of those except instagram. And I have two blogs, two websites and three twitter accounts. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

  3. My favourite out of your list ate Pinterest (for inspiration) and Twitter (for communication). Withe the new Google+ coming out, I'm actually worried now that I need to sign up to another social 'thing', and wondering whether I need it at all. Sometimes it all could be too much

  4. I know what you mean..I am on twitter, here, facebook, and Tumblr, I try to keep them at a minimum or I'd go crazy signing into each of them all the time!! It can get too much, but thankfully most times its fun :)

  5. online... real life... what's the difference?! :)

    p.s. I'm off to sunny Greece!
    I do have some articles scheduled, so check them out, tweet them, like the, love them... :)

  6. Pinterest is my favourite too, so inspiring for weddings, parties and homes,not to mention fashion, travel.... it just goes on! Such a distraction though!


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