Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gothic glam engagement shoot

One of the best things about being a wedding planner & stylist is the diversity of the couples and therefore weddings I get to work on. At one time for instance this summer,  I was working on a traditional Nigerian wedding, a Jewish summer garden wedding and this delightfully dark gothic do. No way I can complain my clients are all the same.

I've been working with Alix recently on her wedding styling, and I've got to say her wedding is going to be epic. There really is no other word. And it's all going to be captured by Lisa Devlin no less.

I thought Alix & Zach's engagement shoot would be a perfect introduction to their upcoming gothic glam Victorian carnival inspired wedding.


Seriously can't wait for this wedding. I do love the pretty femininity of lots of the weddings I work with but for sheer dark glamour, this one definitely rules.

Thanks to Lisa for the images (and Lisa Brown who was the second shooter), you can see more of this shoot over at Lisa's blog.


  1. Thanks Josie. CANNOT wait for this wedding, eeekkkk!

  2. This is gorgeous, I love the style!! It's going to be a beautiful wedding..congrats to them!! xx

  3. Wow....I do love a bit of gothic glamour, so excited to see this wedding. You lucky thing, you must have been in creative overdrive with this fab pair to work with.

  4. Alix & Zach look so cute... and it looks like their happiness has just started :)

  5. One of my favourite ever shoots by Lisa. It made me gasp. Wondeful.

  6. I am not so much into that vibe personally, but I LOVE this couple's photos. They look so sweet and totally in love. duh. I guess that's the point :) wonderful use of props to illustrate their personalities. love it!

  7. Wow, very unique! The wedding should be quite fun!


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