Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ridiculously easy floral photo-booth backdrop

I really dislike blogs that post D.I.Y ideas and claim they're so easy. Then when you try, and find it not so easy, you feel like a big fat failure.

This floral backdrop/wall decor really is so easy, I promise.

I saw this idea somewhere ages ago and thought it would work just as well jazzing up some dull wall space in your wedding venue or better still, as a photo booth backdrop.

This cost me around £8 to do and took about 10 minutes. Ideally you need flowers that won't wilt, especially if you're going to keep them up the duration of the wedding.

But as they're so easy to set up (literally a bit of tape, I used waterproof cloth tape), you could assign one of your 'maids, (or wedding planner) the role of holding and taping when you're ready to get your photo booth going.

I used a white wall but they'd work just as well against a variety of backgrounds (I'd like to try against brickwork one day).

And you don't need to worry about 'styling' them properly. Just bung them up in whatever haphazard way you like.

What do you think? Simple but effective, no?

For another photo booth backdrop idea see Fanning around.


  1. simple but eye-catching :) only I would use more flowers/greenery. :)

  2. awesome idea and yes, it looks like you don't need a degree in DIY to do it ~ hurrah! x

  3. Those are really lovely flowers and I guess those flowers can use as a props on a Photobooth.

  4. that is a fantastic idea and one we should definitely use in our booths!


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