Thursday, 14 October 2010

Quail Bridal Bridesmaid dresses

I'm not really a fan of the 'traditional' bridesmaid look. You know, all matchy matchy and designed not to upstage the bride.

If I were getting married I'd want my girls to look something like this:

Mismatched, cute and for want of a better word, (because I'm not really a fan of it) sassy.

They're all from Quail Bridal and designed to be worn over and over again. Which is especially brilliant if you're asking your bridesmaids to buy their dresses themselves.

Whilst they have stores in New York and Long Beach they can ship internationally. Hurrah.

Check out the website as it's a pretty feast for the eyes - they have bridal dresses and an online store with some to die for dresses.


  1. I think I posted this because I kind of want to wear these dresses.

  2. I have seen collection of Quail Bridal, it is one of the best in designer outfits. These all are beautiful dresses and I like to share this post with my friends also. Keep posting.

  3. Great post, absolutely in love with these dresses!

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