Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Song covers better than the originals

So until this very post, this blog has been all about my views on weddings, style, life etc. The other half of Savoir hasn't had much of a look in. Until now. He has decided to hijack my monthly mixtape feature to, well, to give his opinion on music related things.

As part of our wedding planning services we provide alternative wedding DJs for couples who'd rather listen to 'good' music than "Come on Eileen" all night. It seems many of you out there want to be able to listen to music you like on your wedding day without alienating certain guests. As you should what with it being your wedding and all.

So DJ Dan decided to compile a list of song covers better than the originals. Now these might not be the tunes to get Granny on her feet but they're pretty cool nonetheless.

Anni B Sweet - Take On Me (A ha) - super sweet really.
Sliimy - Womaniser (Britney Spears) - Britney covers feature a lot here.
Call me Kat - Toxic (ditto) - I'd love to sing like this.
Yael Nain - Toxic (and ditto) - very surreal version but possibly my favourite.
Lissie - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) - if you don't know her already Lissie is going to be HUGE!
Chilly Gonzalez - Waves (Erol Alkan and Boyz Noize) - you have to give this one time - it's an insanely good tune.
Ok Go - The Lovecats (The Cure) - tough one really, is it better than The Cure?
The Klaxons - No Diggity (Blackstreet) - just an all round good song regardless.
The Gossip - Careless Whisper (George Michael) - Beth Ditto's voice is immense

And I leave you with this. It's not a cover as such but if you haven't come across this boy, which you probably have done as this is epic, then you must watch!

Have we missed any fabulous covers? Do you have a favourite?


  1. Oh my Call me Kat has such a sultry voice and Lissie has such subdued power in her voice!

  2. Oh I looove a good cover,
    [some of] my faves... Sonic Youth, Superstar + Addicted to Love; Raincoats, Lola; The Slits, Heard it through the grapevine; anything by The Futureheads and Tom Barman & Guy Van Nueten; Cake, I will Survive; Prince, Creep ; Lemonheads, Luka; Scarlett Johansson, Anywhere I Lay My Head; johnny cash, personal jesus; Ben Kweller + Albert Hammond jr, wait; arctic moneys, diamonds are forever

    i must hear that gonzales cover, he is a genius

    X Astrid

  3. I'm going to enjoy listening to these later when I've done the jobs for the day! The cover that stands out for me is Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'. A great song by Leonard but so glad it was covered! x

  4. Ooh these are good! All of the above have been firmly added to my spotify playlists just for me to listen to - no first dance for me!

  5. I can't even tell u how excited I am for this and I can't even get past Take On ME! I love it! Thx for sharing :)

  6. I just discovered your fabulous blog through {tig} and I have to ask - how was Paris? Being from New Zealand I'm not so lucky as to pop over there as often as I please - but I'm dying to get back there (and like you, maybe live there).

    Pop by my blog and let me know how it was!

    Andrea X


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