Friday, 29 October 2010

Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!!

I'm so excited to be part of this and am delighted to present Savoir Weddings contribution to Hi-Fi Weddings Mixtape Masters!

Now weddings and music don't exactly go hand in hand, in say the way fashion and music might. But as you may know, coming from a music background (well I worked in music events and can play the piano fairly badly), I am pretty passionate about music in general.

Which is why since discovering the blog of Hi-Fi Weddings I've become a big fan. Anybody that combines music and weddings gets my vote.

And when I found out about their Friday feature - the mixtape masters I knew I had to participate.

We get to pick 5 tunes we love. No rules or restrictions. Just 5 songs we want to share with you. And there's loads of super lovely blogs involved ( see bottom of post).

So after much dilly dallying and deliberating here's my 5 this week. They're quite random and have nothing to do with weddings, but I've been listening to these on repeat a lot of late and want to share...

Create a playlist at

Check out Hi-Fi Weddings and these other damn fabulous blogs for more musical treats for your ears...

one cat per person
10000 dollar wedding
fashion under $100
craft my life
another damn life
fancy notion
dead flowers

Hope you felt inspired in some way.

'til next time ♥


  1. this is the second warpaint song in this week's mixtape masters!

    love the mix!

  2. Excellent mix, showed me some new musics!

  3. rad pitt is the best title ever! fantastic

  4. Greetings, fellow mixer! Love the playlist - and jesus your blog is gorgeous.

  5. lovin' your blog and your mix! thanks for all the kind words. music was the single most important thing at our wedding..aside from marrying each other of course :):)

    it's been so awesome meeting all of you fellow music lovers!


  6. Thanks for visiting me and your awfully nice comment. I only get a small handful of visitors, so I appreciate every single one!! I think we must have a mutual bloggy friend in common perhaps, Lizzie? I was grooving on some of the tunes while at work on Friday. Anyway, I am completely inspired by just every single image here and I'm not even planning a wedding. Got married this past summer, but honestly, style is forever, so I'm a fan of your blog!


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