Monday, 18 January 2010

Innovative centrepieces

Loving these alternative to floral centrepieces...

Cute little plant pots with mismatched pots made out of... wait for it...socks. Yep that's right, socks. Cheap and cheerful. See here for how to.

Selection of vases in one colour offsets the colour and shape of these blooms delightfully.

I've seen this idea floating around for a while and would love to work on a wedding using them. Perfect for book lovers and if you happen to have plenty of books, uber cheap as well. Plus there are so many ways you can use them...

And for those who love travelling or just like globes...

You can use candles, lanterns, fruit and veg in artful displays - pretty much anything you want - you definitely don't have to fork out for elaborate floral displays, unless you want to of course.

What are your favourite centerpiece ideas?


  1. Gosh...I think I like the branch and the globes best. Tough call! Well, maybe the globes 'cause they make me think of traveling...

  2. I love the globes too. So original and they look great.


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