Monday, 11 January 2010

Savoir Wedding Trends 2010

Some new, some not so new but all going to be HUGE in 2010...

What we're seeing, hearing about from our brides, those we work with and the world wide web...

* Wedding receptions at home - less flashy, more personal - means certain cost cutting choices make sense too eg. no band but a DJ or ipod, no formal wedding breakfast but a finger buffet, picnic, BBQ etc

* Mismatched bridesmaids dresses - a little bit different, looks fab in photos, more choice/more economical for bridesmaids. There are lots of ways of doing it - different colours, same style...

or same colour different styles...

* Vintage inspired everything - still a huge influence, from overall style to dress to invitations vintage is definitely still a key look.

* Creative bouquets - involving feather, beads, buttons and everything and anything that's personal and pretty for the bride.

* Big love for the eco-chic - whether it be a focus on using recycled materials for favours and decorations to picking venues that are sustainable - caring about the planet is definitely chic and the green wedding is set to boom this year.

* Romance is definitely not dead - whilst there are many predictions for what's big in bridal wear, many of which seem to contradict each other, it seems that romantic styles and fabrics are back in a big way... think lace, classic silhouettes, what your grandmother might have worn... all with a modern twist. If this isn't your style we're also going to see short 50s style Candy Anthony dresses, dresses with injections of colour (including black) and one shoulder gowns everywhere!

I could post forever here but going to save the rest of my images for another blog post.

* Photography with a sense of humour- whilst they'll still be die hard fans of the traditional wedding shot - humour and quirkiness are on the rise. Think silly glasses, balloons, shots of people laughing- it's all about the relaxed fun for 2010.

* Centrepieces with a difference - herbs, potted plants, and other tree-type centrepieces are taking pride of place over their extravagant fussy competition.

* Details details details - how to make your wedding personal has always been a major concern for brides to be and this year there's even more focus on the little touches that really make your wedding uniquely yours...

Love the colour choices here and the mismatched parasols add a little edge. Check out the rest of the wedding, it's a feast for the eyes!

I know there's so much I've left out but time means I have to move on! What d'you think's going to be big this year?


  1. I love the mismatched bridesmaids dresses...what a fabulous idea...and the photos are always so colorful and pretty!

  2. A wonderful trend recap..I love the idea of more weddings at home!

  3. Really gorgeous ideas! I would love to use them, but I just couldn't as I would always regret not having a traditional fairytale wedding. I'd love 2 weddings (same groom!!) one quirky one traditional!

  4. Oh how I love so many of these trends. Although I really hope some of the things I love do not become trendy!

  5. 2 weddings is a good idea if you can afford it. One of my friends once wanted to have 2 - one for all the family members and older guests in a traditional style and a modern party for all their friends but then decided they wanted everyone all together, which most people probably do.

  6. yeah Anna that's the trouble when things are good people talk about them then they're not so secret and everyone's doing it. Just have to hope this then spawns loads more wedding 'wonderfulness'.

  7. Great info regarding the coming trends. Thanks for posting the Candy Anthony link, I enjoyed looking through the site. When my parents married in 1959, each of the girls in my Mother's wedding party wore the same exact style, but each with different shimmering colors. I'm not sure if that was unique at the time, but I liked the way it looked.

  8. this is a great list! oh how i wish i could get married all over again. i'd totally do the completely mismatched bridesmaid idea and the quirky photography. props are key! :)

    happy weekend to u!

  9. What a fabulous trends! I really love the list!


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