Friday, 15 January 2010

Vera Wang bridal collection 2010

So I seem to be developing a crush on Vera Wang dresses and these aren't helping...

Ephemeral, feminine, dramatic, romantic, I could stare at them for hours. As a non bride (I know, a weding planner who isn't married) I often think about how I would do my wedding if it was for me rather than a client. And regardless of the rest of the wedding I know my heart would ache for a dress like this. In reality though I'm pretty sure I'd go for something more practical (and less pricy).

Did you wear the dress you thought you would or when it came to it did you make a different decision?


  1. well my dream would have been a vera or a lhullier but i couldn't justify the cost. i was happy with what i ended up with and i'm honestly happy that i didn't that much for it. 4 months later the dress is still hanging on my closet door and i don't know what to do with it. do i sell it? clean & preserve it? where do i store it? ah decisions, decisions....

  2. Well, I too wished for a Vera Wang work of art, but being SERIOUSLY restricted to a tight budget I ended up going for a cheaper option. So happy I did! I ended up with the most original beauty of a dress I couldn't have been happier with. I have my dress stashed away for my daughter (or a masked ball....?)

  3. beautiful dresses. Love love that last one. Can never afford it though!


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