Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rock 'n Roll Bride and Julia Boggio Vintage Boudoir

These fabulous boudoir shots are the result of a collaboration between Kat (Rock n Roll Bride) and Julia Boggio.

I doubt there's a single reader of this blog who hasn't heard of Kat and her inspiring blog. I'm really honoured to be given permission to feature this fantastic shoot.

Kat looks like she enjoyed the experience!

The best thing about all this is it's not something you can only look at and admire, you can have a go yourself. It's a perfect gift for a groom to be from his bride to be and vice versa; or it's a perfect present to treat yourself. You get the whole experience and the photos to keep and display for £455 which includes hair and make up and at least 2 costume changes.

One thing's for sure if I decided to do this I certainly wouldn't hide the results away, I'd be displaying them loud and proud in my house for all to see.

For more fabulous photos, don't delay, go here right away. And to book your turn and find out more go to


  1. I adore pin up girl photos. These are amazing. I love the one of her in the white corset. So cute!

  2. I like that one too. Kat's got a great look for this kind of shoot.


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