Sunday, 3 January 2010

Why I heart Cosmo Bride

I find bridal magazines can be a touch generic with their features sometimes but I have to say I do find Cosmo Bride a joy to read. And the Feb/March 10 edition even more so for the following 4 reasons:

1. Rock n Roll Bride is featured. I love Rock n Roll Bride. I think Kat is a breath of fresh air for the world of weddings and her blog is undeniably a source of inspiration for many. I also love that she's from the UK as us Brits as still somewhat under represented in the wedding blogging world.

So props, as they say, to Cosmo Bride for giving Kat and her fabulous blog the recognition it deserves.

2. Highlighting Vera Wang's insanely amazing black wedding dress. What do you think? Fabulous or a little bit too gothic?

3. Introducing me to this Claire Pettibone creation.

4. Mentioning The Crazy Bear, Stadhampton. I've stayed there and the bedrooms are a-maaaaazing as is the food, service and surroundings.

It's also a stunning wedding venue...

Anyone looking for something quirky and classy should definitely take a look here

It's a good issue, I especially love the prima ballerina shoot. What are your feelings about bridal mags? Which ones are your faves?


  1. Wedding magazines are like crack for me at the moment. I hardly even enjoy them anymore.. but I just can't help myself.

    Cosmo Bride is my absolute favourite too. I'm not sure if the UK one is the same as the Australian one but its pretty much all real weddings and its great that they say how much their wedding cost. Out of all the wedding mags it seems to offer the most variety. It only comes out four times a year which is such a pity!

    My other favourite is Martha Stewart because they seem to have more colour and quirky details that the big glossy ones. Although I was reading one of the articles in the last edition and it was going on about how important it is to chose the right font and I thought Urgh I've had enough of this.. (but no doubt I'll end up going back for more!)

    COming in third is Real Weddings Magazine, which is another Aussie one lots of real weddings, this one is a lot more polished and fairly traditional and also tortures you with details of proposals and how couples me, which I could do without but seems to showcase a slightly wider variety of weddings than the norm, even if they of the bigger budget type.. still good for inspriation

  2. Oh I think the black wedding dress from Vera Wang is positively luscious! Just think of what you could do with that sort of centerpiece for a wedding! The perfect accessories would render this a fabulous choice! (Bridesmaids in white?)

  3. Cosmo is definitely the most 'alternative' mag in the UK in that it's not too traditional and the photo shoots are a little edgier than some other magazines.

    I like Martha Stewart too because they have loads of ideas, some which I'm not a big fan of but I like picking my way through for the stuff I like.

    I'm not sure if I've seen Real Weddings although the name rings a bell. Somnetimes the big budget weddings are cool to look at, and I like coming up with cheaper ways to do it all.

    And Maranda I like the idea of bridesmaids in white with that Vera Wang, it'd be a perfect start to a monochrome theme...

  4. i love the dress...vera wang is not nomally my thing, but it is gorgeous.
    Some lovely things going on on your blog at the moment. Have a great new year!
    Emma xxx

  5. I quite like Cosmo Bride (well the Aussie version). One of my faves is Real Weddings. I also like Bride to be and Wedding Style Guide. And I like Martha Stewart too :)

  6. Isn't that Claire Pettibone gown killer? I've never read Cosmo Bride...I may have to check it out!

  7. I want to read the Aussie version of Cosmo Bride now, wonder if I can get it online! All bidal mags are pretty useful and can help you clarify what you don't like as much as what you do like.

  8. I loooooooove the black Vera Wang dress. I don't think I'd ever have the guts to pull that one off at my wedding, but it's definitely gorgeous.

  9. My clients are blown away by Rock and Roll Bride. Devout readers, I'm constantly asked to put some special touches on gowns and dresses they found on Rand R . . .

  10. hm i will check cosmo bride uk out. not sure yet. i think the best inspiration you can get from fashion/art/design magazines.
    inspiration is not copying ideas 1:1 . so you dont have to look at other peoples weddings all the time to get wedding ideas.

  11. oh i really like the pictures above...out of cosmo bride.
    this hotel looks brilliant. i want a bed like the one above,
    at home, now.

  12. You're totally right Liv, some of the best ideas come from style/design sites and magazines. Every time I look at them I get room envy, renting a flat leaves decorating options limited.

  13. Most wedding mags made me want to gouge out my eyes, but I did enjoy Cosmo Bride. And crikey at that Vera Wang dress!!! I want... badly...


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