Monday, 1 November 2010

Should I be worried about the competition?

As you may know I am a wedding planner and stylist and have lately been pondering the concept of professional envy and whether I should be worried about the competition. Which after some consideration I answered with a resounding no. And not because I'm the most fabulous wedding planner of them all. No, the reason I, (and you too) shouldn't be worried about the competition, (in whatever field you work in) is because I am unique.

As in there's only one me.

Just as there's only one you.

Two wedding planners might come from similar events background and attend the same wedding planning training course. But they will be two different people, with different likes, desires, and plans both in their business and life. Even if they plan similar style weddings they are still unique. And this is without even taking into consideration different personalities and je ne sais pas or x factor that makes a certain individual them. How many times have you met in life a perfectly nice person but the two of you just don't click, often for no obvious reason? Well this can happen in business just as much.

This can be applied to many jobs I think. How many of us prefer one hair stylist over another, or doctor for instance, sometimes for non specific reasons. This is worth remembering when you panic he/she/they are doing things so much better than you.

It's also worth being honest with yourself. Jealousy and envy are complicated unpleasant emotions that'd we'd all like to believe we're above. But business owners are still human and I doubt one of you out there hasn't felt envious at some point in your career. Or life for that matter.

Ultimately we shouldn't mind if we feel a bit resentful, intimidated or jealous of other people working in the same field. In fact we should learn from our competition as this can make us better at our own work which is turn is better for our clients/customers/patients etc. And it's worth remembering you might envy how busy a particular planner, (or designer, or photographer for example) seems to be, but you never know, they might envy your relationship with suppliers, your blog, your style and many other things about you.

With regards to wedding planning (which is still a relatively new concept in the UK) I'm all for new planners, established planners, planners I admire and so on existing and creating fabulous weddings. Because as far as I'm concerned the more brides see the work of talented wedding planners and stylists the more likely they are to use them and recommend to friends and family. Which only does the industry good. And that is great for all of us.

What do you think? Is competition good? Or are you worried about supply exceeding demand in wedding planning or whatever field you work in?


  1. I think you're right. If you gave the same brief to two wedding planners you would be guaranteed to get a different result. It's just about finding the right fit!


  2. Yes exactly! Wedding planning in particular is about personality and as you say, finding the right fit.

  3. Spot on about personality. Very often our business represents who we are and the way we see the world, that's why we are all so different. There will always be brides who 'like' a certain type of wedding supplier over the other because they feel they can connect with the person behind the business. Do the best job we possibly can and be passionate about what we do is the most important thing. :-)

  4. Personalities and their physical manifestation in something as complicated as a wedding can be demonstrated in so many different ways. Some competition is good and you can learn from and help each other. But like you said, just be you!

  5. Bravo - well said!

    It took me a long time to get over professional envy and just accept that I am who I am, I can only do what I do (rather than try and do what someone else does), and that the business is what it is.

  6. Agreed agreed agreed. Envy is a wasted load of energy and there's enough room in this industry for a whole heap of inspiring and unique characters.
    As a new planner/designer in London I was worried it was going to be really hostile but the 'new wave' of planners has bought a new attitude that we're all in it togehter and we can learn from each other whilst offering completely different services simply because, as you said, we're all different! I love that there's other planners I can confidently pick up the phone to and have a big old chat with, or go to if I'm in need of some help that only they'll be able to offer.
    More power to the planners! woop woop!
    Good article Josie, thanks.
    Rebecca from H&R x

  7. Great post Josie,I was just having this conversation with someone about wanting to inject more of 'me' into my website and business as this is what I ultimatley feel we are chosen for, as it should be for all your suppliers. Weddings are a very personal occassion, couples should not only be surrounded by family and friends but suppliers they like too. As for seeing as other planners as competion well I can safely say I've got to know some great planners, yourself included, who are all doing great work for the industry encouraging me to do my best and that can only be a good thing.

  8. Thank you lovelies for your feedback! I'm glad you feel the same, I wanted to write about it because it felt like something we all feel from time to time but aren't supposed to admit!

  9. Fabulous outlook! I couldn't agree with you more :)

  10. I couldn't agree more. I definitely think we each have something completely different to offer in all of our professions - and what you're a great fit for, your competitors won't likely be.


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