Saturday, 9 April 2011

Inky indigo

from top left:
indigo dress image from bluepoolroad
cameo from Iris Schwarz on etsy
blue bottles from Savoir Weddings props
extract of indigo plant applied to paper
indigo and mint image from jed root
made up eyes from pinterest

I've always been interested in colour but since becoming a wedding planner and stylist I've looked at the concept of colour and colours in general in a whole new way.

I've always liked blues and greens best. As testified by my teal obsession. Recently it's the deep, evocative, inky indigo that's making me swoon.

You can see some of my other mood boards here.

What do you think of indigo?


  1. teal drives me nuts too a period of time. im obsessed with yellow now.

  2. seems to evoke a feeling of formality, but still not black tie formality. There's more flexibility here.


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