Thursday, 28 April 2011

Introducing Liv from Blushless and her make up box of tricks

Way back in time when I started out as a wedding planner I 'met' through the power of blogs Liv from Blushless. We were both starting out in an industry that wasn't exactly famous for it's quirky suppliers and bonded over a desire to work on more alternative and creative weddings.

Fast forward a year or so and we now live round the corner from each other, which has been especially handy for these little projects. Liv makes eco friendly and super cool wedding dresses but her real passion is make up. She recently won a place on the much sought after Jemma Kidd Make up School Academy and is launching her bridal make up website very soon. In the mean time you can check out her blog here.

We thought it would be the perfect time to work together on the first of many projects in the pipeline: a Savoir Weddings introduction to Liv, her box of make up tricks, and never ending patience with a fidgety 'model'.

These pics were snapped by the amazingly talented Gaelle from Oh La La weddings. Like all wedding planners & stylists, I like to keep my cards close to my chest. Reluctant to give away all my trade secrets and all! But I have to share. Gaelle has been a music photographer for years and has also recently branched out into weddings. Seriously, this girl is good.

Liv made my skin look a-MAZ-ing which considering I'd just had a cold is particularly impressive.

Always time for tea...

I had serious envy for this make up belt...

Trying not to giggle here...

Not feeling that natural in front of the camera, we got the giggles rather a lot...

Gaelle, and Liv. I took this pic. I enjoyed being a photographer for a moment I have to say.

All images from Oh La La Weddings

Aside from the fact it was a lot of fun working with these two creative ladies, I also learned a fair bit both about my skin & make up and got good insight into what I would want for bridal make up. I'd always believed I would do my own make up, not wanting to feel too 'made up' but after this session with Liv I think I've changed my mind.

Come back tomorrow for an interview with Liv and more details about other projects we're working together on.


  1. You look lovely! Beautiful make up and photography. I love the shot next to the window and when you're pouring tea. xx

  2. Don't you look lovely and these pictures are too cool. Aww so awesome that you live close to Liv!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. The pics look great! I'm a big fan of wall shots so those are probably my favourite. Would love to have someone teach me about my skin so lucky you - looks like you had a good ol' time!

  4. You're so pretty :) Lovely make-up and pics. Such a cute dress too! xx

  5. she did a beautiful job! i love the're completely gorgeous, josie!

  6. You look gorgeous, sweetie! What a beautiful makeup job. And the pix are so fabulous :) xoxo

  7. aw you guys are so sweet! x


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