Saturday, 30 April 2011

Interview with make up artist Liv

from Oh La La Weddings

So I got a touch excited about the royal wedding yesterday and forgot to schedule this blog post properly. Oops. What can I say, despite my initial lack of interest, when it came to the day I was glued to my screen.

So a day late here's the interview with Liv, and her skills with the brushes, curlers, and other make-up paraphernalia.

In her own words:

No bride needs to hide herself under a big layer of cakey make-up.
Every woman wants to look like herself on her wedding day, just like the best version of herself.
The key word with bridal make-up therefore is bespoke!
I am passionate about enhancing the individual bride's unique features and giving her an all day lasting, glowing look based on her skin type, style and personal preference.

Getting your wedding make up done professionally is more than just a pampering, relaxing and enjoyable experience. You can also learn more about your skin and pick up new tricks to do your own make up.

I've saved my brides a lot of bad experience and surprises advising on the right products and techniques, (the classic: veil caught in the lip gloss, reflecting make up that flashes up in photos and makes you look white as a wall, or how to deal with a stress pimple that just grew the night before the wedding).

I also offer to stay all day long, since some brides just feel more safe to have me around all day or they want a make up change for the evening. Others are happy to just book the application which will last all day long.

There are a lot of things to consider:
skin type, climate and weather conditions at the day/destination of  the wedding, skin complexion, face features, personal style and much more. 

Good stuff. On to some quick questions:

You're based in London, but do you travel for weddings?

Yes I do. I'm happy to travel anywhere from within the UK to destination weddings on the other side of the world.

Do you offer hair styling as well?

Yes, I love to do bridal hair, from natural messy looks to classic defined up-dos. Straight or curly i will be able to look after your hair as well.

How does it work when a bride books you for their big day?

During the first trial and consultation we'll decide on the look and I will discuss products. Then we'll create the full look, exactly as you'd want it on the day. I am able to give professional skin care tips so you can prepare and treat your skin in advance of your wedding day.

On the actual day I will arrive at whatever time you need and help pamper you and will create your worry-free long lasting make up. And if you wish I will design a customised colour palette for you, so you can carry the professional make up with you as well (or get one of your 'maids to carry).

Can you do any kind of look?

Absolutely. I can whatever you want from a very natural look to a more vintage glam look.

Well that's that. Got me convinced. And after seeing how amazing my skin looked and went out and bought a decent foundation. So I can definitely vouch for Liv's work.

A big thanks to Liv for working on the shoots and explaining how she works. I've definitely learned nothing makes you feel so good as decent make up!

See (make up website still a work in progress) and or emaile liv(at) and call +44(0)7716354466 for more.


  1. Ack think something happened to my comment!

    But I'll reiterate that Liz is such an amazingly talented lady and thanks for the interview!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. great stuff. I love reading about other artists of all sorts



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