Thursday, 9 June 2011

70s inspired shoot

Not so long ago on a blustery Sunday afternoon myself and Jemma from Pearl Pictures, (and her sweet assistant Grace) got together to do a mini love shoot featuring me and my boy.

You don't have to be engaged to have yourself a little love shoot (as I myself am not)! And lots of good photographers now offer themselves and their camera for an afternoon of happy snapping, so it's a perfect idea if you maybe didn't get the wedding pics you wanted. Or perhaps you're already married and fancy some up to date photos taken by a pro.

And you can style them any way you want which is why I've focused on the props in this shoot. I've been having a seventies moment of late so brought along some of my most suitable props for the occasion.

The weather was TERRIBLE. It was so windy I felt like I was about to take off which didn't make it easy to look happy and relaxed. A good lesson though, that you can't control the weather ;)

Think in general I prefer the behind-the-scenes-styling to the in-front-of-lens-posing. Props, as they say, to Jemma for handling such challenging weather and models!

I do styling for engagement shoots for my couples too and am looking forward in particular to one of my 2012 couples. I think they're going to have some interesting ideas!

What about you? If you were going to do a love/engagement shoot how would you want to style it?


  1. Gorgeous! great styling and you can't tell it's that both look lovely xxx

  2. Thank you Kelly you sweetheart! xxx

  3. Fabulous photos, Josie - you guys look great! And ditto what Kelly says - you can't tell it's that windy. That last photo is especially cute. :-)

  4. Very cute! Love that last pictures, it great!

  5. oooooooh this is just adorable! love that sign!

  6. you guys look fantastic and the photos are brilliant. How lovely! x

  7. Love this shoot! 70s vibe, floppy hat, guitars, retro camera, floral prints = hippy chic. You look gorgeous too!

  8. So cute! Love everything about this shoot :)

  9. WOW the pictures turned out great.
    I wish I could have been there and do your make up,
    but you did a great job and hopefully my little make up lesson/tips helped as well.


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