Thursday, 2 June 2011

Super easy D.I.Y postcard garland

D.I.Y wedding styling doesn't have to be exclusively for the mini Martha Stewarts. You don't have to be particularly crafty to create some simple but effective wedding styling ideas.

This vintage style postcard garland is a good example of how you can jazz up any dead space in your wedding venue without a lot of money of effort.

All you need is a selection of postcards and...

 Then you very simply hang up string where you want the garland to go and use the clothes peg to attach the postcards. Easy as pie.

I like these vintage imitation postcards but you could use any cards you like, or even photos. And you don't have to use plain clothes pegs, you could paint them or stamp them or buy some more exciting ones from somewhere like Etsy.

This garland wedding decoration idea would work well in a urban venue. Like a warehouse or space with lots of exposed brick work.

What do you think? A wedding DIY project for even the most craft shy bride.


  1. That guy who is looking for a wife is the scariest looking dude... EVER. He has the look of a serial killer. *spin shiver*

  2. Maybe that's why he's single?

  3. That should have read *spine shiver* nothing says normal more than sitting by the side of the road, with a sign looking like a sinister nuptial 'ho*.

    nuptial ho* = will do anything to get married.

  4. Aww so fun and totally easy.

    p.s. I know, I'm such a shopping enabler lately!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. This is brilliant! Love this idea :) xoxo

  6. This is really cute! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

    XO Kristin


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