Monday, 20 June 2011

We Plan, You Play... wedding playlists you need to hear!

A certain Ms London Bride and I have been working on creating wedding playlists for you wedding planning folk recently, and if you haven't seen our blog We Plan, You Play I'd like to draw your attention to it!

Every month we feature 25 songs to help you curate your wedding soundtrack. Although I've got to be honest, it's also an excuse for us to listen to 90s tracks (relive our youth/show our age) and dance around my living room.

From The Everly Brothers to MGMT and Darlene Love to Blackstreet there's enough musical variety to appeal to everyone from granny to your too cool for school cousin.

We set We Plan,You Play because we felt there's an awful lot of advice and inspiration for the style and design side of wedding planning but not so much for the other aspects of planning like the music. But it is as if not more important in some ways for creating atmosphere and ensuring everyone has a jolly good time.

What about you? What were the musical highlights of your big day? And if you're getting married soon or at some point in time what tunes will you be playing to get everybody shaking their thang a la dance floor??


  1. Good music really sets the tone! My husband actually designed the playlist and DJed (will get him to post about it).
    It worked out pretty well and we had the mix of pop, hip-hop, rock, and salsa that were perfect for us!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Music was a huge part of our wedding. We spent so much time going over the playlist and our DJ nailed it perfectly. People danced the entire night. My favorite moments were the entrance, Whitney Houstons My Love Is Your Love dance remix, first dance Sum 41 With You, and cake cutting The Cure Just Like Heaven :)


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