Monday, 13 June 2011

Jonas Peterson... a legend among men...

Happy Monday lovelies!  Have I got some eye candy for you today. If you haven't already heard of him, (and if you haven't, why not), Jonas Peterson is a Swedish photographer currently calling Australia home. 

There's something really fresh and unpretentious about his work. The photos just are, if that in itself doesn't sound phenomenally pretentious. 

I think I want to live in his world a little bit...

What you think my dears? Pretty impressive eh? Don't forget to check out his site for more. And you can see other suppliers I recommend both in the UK and internationally here.


  1. Wow he's so talented! Thanks for sharing, lovely :) xoxo

  2. that last one is hilarious. I need one of those statue of liberty crowns for my own photo prop stash! Have to admit the one with the masks makes me a little bit uneasy, but they're all totally inspired and unforgettable.


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